Against the Giants, Part 3
July 2006

Monsters abound in the latest installment in the Monster Manual series: Monster Manual IV. Some of the fun things you'll find therein include locations with maps, and we're presenting one of these maps here for your use. We also finish off the Against the Giants series of maps by providing the Hall of the Fire Giant King map series.

Cartography by Mike Schley and Robert Lazzaretti

07/25 Hall of the Fire Giant King (Third Level): The final level of the hall is rougher than the others, which means it'd make a suitable dungeon crawl with other creatures as the focus should you prefer. Download 72dpi JPG
07/18 Hall of the Fire Giant King (Second Level): Add a level to your fun with this detailed map. Download 72dpi JPG
07/11 Hall of the Fire Giant King (Entrance Level): The entrance level to the hall can serve as intended or you can adjust it for use in other ways, of course! Download 72dpi JPG
07/04 Blackspawn Raider Encampment: The Monster Manual IV entry for the spawn of Tiamat known as Blackspawn raiders has a handy map you can use. Download 72dpi JPG
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