Dragon Magic & Faiths of Eberron, Part 1
September 2006

Within the pages of Dragon Magic and Faiths of Eberron, you'll find some themed maps that reflect the topics of each book. However, enterprising DMs can find other uses for these maps, so we're providing two maps each from these supplements at a size larger than you'll find in our map galleries, plus one bonus map that originally was linked to the Dragon Magic project.

Cartography by Mike Schley

09/27 Lost Tomb of Malkys: The pages of Dragon Magic may reveal a lot of draconic knowledge, but it might also have a few linked bits of lost lore, such as this map of the Lost Tomb of Malkys. Download 72dpi JPG
09/27 Dragon Library: The high ceiling and broad halls of this library are eerily silent, though the slightest noise echoes off stone walls. If you're in need of a library map, this one can serve you well. Download 72dpi JPG
09/20 Dragon Lair: Though this is a natural cave, it is obvious that an intelligent crafter has worked the rough rock into a more functional or pleasing form. Use this cavernous map as intended or populate it with your own creatures and challenges. Download 72dpi JPG
09/13 Shrine of the Serpent: Many thousands of years ago, a cult dedicated to the worship of the mighty couatls carved a combination community and shrine into the side of a large hill. This multilevel map could provide you with some challenging set-ups for your encounters. Download 72dpi JPG
09/06 Cult of Life Safehouse: Those who take on the thief of life prestige class operate in the greatest secrecy, and they need safe places to practice their arts. This safe house in Karrlakton, Karrnath, belongs to Randall Aleazar d'Deneith. Though the Cult of Life makes this place a safehouse, you could use this map in a lot of other ways. Download 72dpi JPG
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