Castle Ravenloft & Complete Mage, Pt 1
October 2006

Tempting bits of Strahd's domain await you in two maps from Expedition to Castle Ravenloft, and some arcane morsels of cartography from Complete Magecan draw your imagination into action.

Cartography by Jason A. Engle, Kyle Hunter, Ralph Horsley, and Mike Schley

10/25 Boccob's Reading Room: The reading room usually forms either inside an abandoned structure or within an area of ruins, but it can also be in a cave or other natural setting. The only unusual features of the site are a large, comfortable chair and a reading lamp, which may or may not seem very out of place in the setting. Any intelligent creature entering the area feels that some new arcane secret waits here, waiting to be learned. Download 72dpi JPG
10/18 Eternal Vortex: An eternal vortex looks like whirlpool of elemental force. Fire, ice, acid, and bolts of raw electricity swirl down toward its center in an endless dance, each retaining its own character even in contact with the other forces. Download 72dpi JPG
10/11 Village of Barovia: This map shows the village of Barovia, which could become a great handout after the player characters have had a chance to wander the area (and deal with any challenges). Download 72dpi JPG
10/04 The Lands of Barovia: This map depicts the countryside surrounding Castle Ravenloft and the village of Barovia, showing those sites in relationship to each other and a few other key sites in the wilderness. Download 72dpi JPG
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