Cityscape and More, Part 1
November 2006

This month's maps: Cityscape (plus an extra bonus map)

Cartography by Mike Schley

11/29 Sutulak: Sutulak resembles a military community in general layout. The streets are wide, albeit less well kept, to allow for horses and carts to carry slaves to and from the markets. While the main avenues are straight and easily navigated, the majority of the city's smaller streets are winding and confusing, making it difficult for newly captured slaves to find their way out if they should escape their restraints. Download 72dpi JPG
11/22 Underground or Cave System (Bonus Map): Use this system of underground (or cave) passages in your game, and add a few fun challenges. The dank atmosphere and shadowy rooms that your characters must traverse might feature drow, or perhaps mind flayers have taken this complex over? Download 300dpi JPG
Download150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
11/22 Blackwall: Blackwall was built with defensive concerns in mind. The city streets are a literal maze of twists and turns, a manmade cobweb of avenues and alleyways. For an army of intruders the bewildering streets are as effective a defense as any curtain wall. Download 72dpi JPG
11/15 Kaddastrei: Kaddastrei is the grand capital of Kaddas, the last remnant of an ancient empire and still a rich and powerful nation. Many state capitals follow the models of military cities or trading hubs (as presented earlier), but Kaddastrei is a city built for no other purpose than to be its nation's capital. Download 72dpi JPG
11/08 Dragonport: Named for the great dragon turtle that once dwelled in the bay, Dragonport has grown from a small village with a single pier into one of the most vital ports on its coast. A constant flux of cargo travels to and from its many docks. Dragonport benefits less from this activity than does a trading city such as Four Winds, however: It is designed to facilitate passage of goods, not to encourage local business. Download 72dpi JPG
11/01 Four Winds: Four Winds stands at the crossroads of two major highways that enable trade and travel between four great nations. The city exists for commerce, and it has grown to its current size as the literal center of its economic region. The city operates under a traditional, aristocratic government that is supported by all four of the nearby kingdoms, each of which is pleased to see the nobility in charge of so vital a mercantile center. Download 72dpi JPG
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