Complete Scoundrel, Part 1
January 2007

With Complete Scoundrel, you'll find something fun for many character concepts. And of course we have a few locations mapped out for use in your game. Take a peek at our maps each week to see the latest one, plus watch for a special untagged map at the end of the month.

Cartography by Mike Schley

01/31 Meeting House: This map could serve as a meeting house for an organization or guild, or it could be an inn in a city or large town. Download 300dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
01/24 Rebel Camp in Ruined Temple: This map shows a rebel encampment in a buried, ruined temple. Download 72dpi JPG
01/17 Tradegate: This map shows the gate town of Tradegate on the Outlands. Each of the town's five districts has two gates. Download 72dpi JPG
01/10 The Bottle and Blade Speakeasy: This map shows a small, two-story inn with a gambling den and fighting pit in its basement. Download 72dpi JPG
01/03 Sewer Pipe Black Market: This map shows a bustling underground black market in a latge, functioning sewer pipe. Several "stores" have been carved out of the stone walls, boards make ramshakle bridges, a long boat floats in the muck, as do numerous floating crates packed with goods. Barrels, mats, and tables show off wares along the crowded walkways. A partially collapsed and disused side pipe serves as a warehouse. Download 72dpi JPG
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