Secrets of Sarlona -- Part 2
February 2007

The tome called Dungeonscape takes you into dungeon creation and provides more dungeon-oriented options for your characters, while Secrets of Sarlona shows you a bit more about the Eberron setting and its inhabitants. Between these two books, we have a nice selection of maps for you this month.

Cartography by Mike Schley and Lee Moyer

02/28 Sarlona: As befitting the title Secrets of Sarlona, we present the map for it. Sarlona is a land of ancient secrets and present darkness. Four nations and a dozen races stand as the end result of fifteen hundred years of conflict, intrigue, and repression. Despite its history and its status as the birthplace of humans, Sarlona remains mysterious to Khorvairians. Download 72dpi JPG
02/21 Riedra: Befitting a nation that extends across a continent, Riedra features a vast array of landscapes and climes. All the Inspired's teachings about unity cannot erase geography. As such, the current Riedran provinces map closely to some of Sarlona's former nations. Download 72dpi JPG
02/14 Adar: Adar is as a land plucked from some other realm. Among the mountains that spring from southern Sarlona, manifestations of other worlds and the natural results of such interference conspire to produce a forbidding environment. Yet, amid unforgiving peaks and between terrible storms, life thrives and evolves. Download 72dpi JPG
02/07 Wartower Wardens Guildhall: This guildhall from Dungeonscape can serve its purpose as stated, or you can adapt it for more insidious purposes. Download 72dpi JPG
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