Expedition to the Demonweb Pits -- Part 2
April 2007

In our free weekly Dungeons & Dragons map feature, this month we provide maps from Expedition to the Demonweb Pits, where adventurers will find that some beings weave webs that are more tangled than others. We're sharing a few of them below at a larger size than you'd find elsewhere, plus we have a bonus map from another source at three different resolutions.

Cartography by Mike Schley

04/25 The Demonweb: Ah, the Demonweb. This is an ambassador's map -- is it completely accurate? Download 72dpi JPG
04/18 Hall of the Great Web: The black hemispherical room is the junction of several passages, and its floor is polished black marble marked with silver lines and shapes. Two sections of the wall are covered with silver-and-iron scrollwork that resembles webbing; these two meet at the center of the dome overhead. The floor wriggles slightly underfoot. Download 72dpi JPG
04/11 A Sacred Space: The moonlight shimmers on a pocket lake, about 100 feet across. At the center of the lake sits a small island, only about 20 feet in diameter. Whether you use this in the adventure for which it was created or for a spot of your own design, this space looks rather serene. Is it, though? Download 72dpi JPG
04/04 Bonus Map: Tower of Mystery: If you need a quick, untagged location, this map may serve you well! Put evil cultists, a few squads of enemy orcs, or friendly forces inside as you need them! Download 300dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
04/04 The Styx Oarsman: Located in Sigil's Lower Ward, the Styx Oarsman typifies the multiracial planar metropolis. The patrons run the gamut from good to evil, with the scales tipping toward the dark side of life. This inn caters to a mostly humanoid crowd. Download 72dpi JPG
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