Complete Champion -- Part 4
May 2007

Complete Champion not only allows you to give those champions of yours some more options, but it also has a few maps of holy sites in it. Take a look at one of these maps each week, plus enjoy a tagged and untagged aqueduct map at various resolutions.

Cartography by Mike Schley

05/30 Aqueduct (Tagged and Untagged): In this bonus map set for May, we have an aqueduct for you. You can use the tagged version or the untagged version in your game tonight! Download 300dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 300dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (untagged) JPG
05/23 Palace of Burning Ice: Nowhere is Tiamat's influence more overt than in her holy sites. The Draconic name of these places translates roughly as "Palaces of Burning Ice," but human sages refer to them as frozen calderas of the Dragon Queen. The name is certainly appropriate, because whatever other features might differ, these sites appear in only one sort of location -- the caldera of a volcano in a frozen mountain range. Download 72dpi JPG
05/16 Ancient Temple: Hidden in the depths of the ziggurat are ancient mystic texts so potent -- so revolutionary -- that they could well change the mortal races' understanding of magic. Every priesthood with an interest in magic and secrets has dispatched champions on a holy quest to locate and return with these ancient texts. Download 72dpi JPG
05/09 Ghostly Lair: Ghosts wait in a nearby complex of caves with their newly animated zombie minions. They make no effort to hide the tracks of the zombies, because they want Pelor's champions to come hunting. The ghosts and the zombies have, with a few exceptions, no set locations within the caves. They attack in the areas, and numbers, they think most tactically sound. Their precise numbers are left to the DM, in order to best challenge her particular party. Download 72dpi JPG
05/02 The Reliquary of Six: The Reliquary of Six is the central headquarters of the Disciples of Legend. Built over ancient ruins once occupied cultists of Juiblex called the Fleshless Brethren, it houses the Disciples' library and serves as home to some of its most devoted members. Download 72dpi JPG
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