Expedition to Undermountain -- Part 2
June 2007

Expedition to Undermountain gives you another chance to walk the halls and rooms of this famed dungeon with your characters. Take a look at one of the area maps each week, plus enjoy a tagged and untagged set of bonus maps at various resolutions.

Cartography by Robert Lazzaretti and Dennis Kauth

06/27 Kobold Warren Bonus Maps (Tagged and Untagged): In this bonus map set for June, we present a warren filled with kobolds (or other creatures of your choice). You can use the tagged version or the untagged version in your game tonight. Download 300dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 300dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (untagged) JPG
06/27 Sargauth Level: Undermountain's third level is named for the River Sargauth, a slow, inky-water river that begins at one massive water-portal and ends in another. Download 72dpi JPG
06/20 The Storeroom Level: This level has fewer, larger rooms, and more walls, floors, and ceilings fashioned out of solid smooth stone. Rather than being finished by the Melairbode dwarves, it was a labyrinth of mining tunnels that wandered through the rock wherever the ore-veins they were following went, and large, rough caverns where the dwarves dumped the waste rock of their delvings. Download 72dpi JPG
06/14 The Dungeon Level: If you followed our Return to Undermountain article series (visit the archives here) or intend to run it before taking a jaunt into the updated Expedition to Undermountain, you could find this map quite useful. Download 72dpi JPG
06/14 Undermountain Profile: See how the levels of Undermountain stack up against each other. Download 72dpi JPG
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