2001 Compiled Archive

12/28 The Kingdom: A good adventure-inspiring map with many areas inviting your customization (a castle, distant cathedral, outlying village, farmlands). And what's the story behind that mysterious tower at the top of the hill ... the one that gives way to a network of abandoned tunnels? 297k JPG 72dpi
982k JPG 150dpi
12/21 Section of Sigil: First time in full color!Originally published in Polyhedron in black and white, this map depicts a section of Sigil near the Foundry. Discover the many secrets hidden around the buildings. -- 560k JPG 72dpi
2.1mb JPG 150dpi
12/14 Remote Island: Surrounded by an atoll of sharp rocks, this island is home to many strange creatures who inhabit its cavernous peaks and shoreline shallows. The steamy jungle floor also holds many mysteries. 460k JPG 72dpi
1.7mb JPG 150dpi
12/07 Wizard's Laboratory: Cluttered with strange objects, the eerie workspace features a torn and heavily stained tapestry depicting a forgotten place. Is it the vision of a madman, or a guide from someone who has really been there? 600k JPG 72dpi
1.98mb JPG 150dpi
11/29 Main Watch Tower: Cut-away view and floorplan of the primary bastion of defense.-- 289k JPG 72dpi
349k JPG 150dpi
11/22 Third Floor and Central Tower Sections: Floorplan details of the upper level and focal spire. 283k JPG 72dpi
329k JPG 150dpi
11/15 Ground and Second Floor Sections: Floorplan details of the lower levels.- 301k JPG 72dpi
362k JPG 150dpi
11/08 Side View: How the imposing structure looks upon approach. 285k JPG 72dpi
322k JPG 150dpi
11/01 Overview: A top-down view of the stronghold. 301k JPG 72dpi
355k JPG 150dpi
10/25 Underwater Treasury: What ancient artifacts can be found in the secret cache of a long-forgotten people? 371k JPG 72dpi
318k JPG 150dpi
10/18 Mountain Cat Temple: A waterfall shields the temple entrance, while a monumental totem pole stands at the south end in dedication to their god.- 381k JPG 72dpi
352k JPG 150dpi
10/11 Dwellings: Inhabitants nestle within the strong roots of giant banyan redwoods. 364k JPG 72dpi
388k JPG 150dpi
10/04 Overview: The people of Poh-Tac-Lah live on a magnificent plateau overlooking a fertile valley and the glacial runoff Sum-Tah-Wah River. 335k JPG 72dpi
374k JPG 150dpi
9/27 Level Four: The depths of danger. 96k JPG Lo-Res
2.72mb TIFF (Zip) Hi-Res
9/20 Level Three: Only the most intrepid adventurers dare to descend this far. 96k JPG Lo-Res
2.73mb TIFF (Zip) Hi-Res
9/13 Level Two: Deeper into the labrynith. -- 97k JPG Lo-Res
2.81mb TIFF (Zip) Hi-Res
9/06 Level One: What mysteries lie just beneath the sand? 94k JPG Lo-Res
2.77mb TIFF (Zip) Hi-Res
9/06 Cutaway View: Bonus map! 96k JPG Lo-Res
2.35mb TIFF (Zip) Hi-Res
8/30 The Darkcrypt: Here is a lost dungeon whose entrance was buried with a rockslide, but if you are adventurous enough to dig through the rubble, a complex of dungeon allways and lairs await. Beware of the tar pits and the creatures that lurk in the depths of the bubbling tar. There are rewards that can be had, but at what cost? Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti. 114k JPG 72dpi
213k TIFF 150dpi
8/23 Salt Mine Level 5: The salt mine at level 5 is an old level and is primarily used only for storage of large salt piles. It is a very dangerous level to tour because of the abandoned unstable crates of explosives store here that are now encrusted with salt. 142k JPG 72dpi
4.2mb TIFF 150dpi
8/16 Subterranean Prison: The subterranean prison can contain up to 80 standing prisoners in the pits (10 prisoners to a cage). The iron cages with iron plate lids are lowered into a pit by way of levers and hoists. Other prisoners wait in the temporary cages for their turn in the pit. 143k JPG 72dpi
4.2mb TIFF 150dpi
8/9 Subterranean Palace: The subterranean palace is a beautiful space carved and polished from the petrified stone of the worm. A wide range of valuables are stored here as well as the sought-after healing pool. 133k JPG 72dpi
4.2mb TIFF 150dpi
8/2 Tunnel Bridge: The tunnel bridge is a creative use of the great arch of the Great Petrified Worm that spans the Catherine River. To the south is the sorcerer's tower and to the north of the tunnel bridge is the fortress tower. A toll is collected at the gate keep, and merchants' row provides food, supplies and secrets to the subterranean world of the Great Petrified Worm. 142k JPG 72dpi
4.2mb TIFF 150dpi
7/26 The Village Poisson: The fishing village has long defied both storms and pirate invasions. It has a small fort and a hilltop market. 223k JPG
7/19 The Drunk Duck Inn: A safe place for travelers to stay the night. The inn itself is a strange construction of a salvaged boat and an old cabin. 184k JPG
7/12 Misty Bay: A rough representation of the depth of the bay and the hidden underwater tunnels beneath its old pirate shipwreck. 160k JPG
7/5 The Hidden Coast: Windswept and rocky, this lonesome stretch of coastline is forgotten by most travelers. The small fishing village of Poisson clings to the cliff wall overlooking the misty bay and the old lighthouse beyond. 224k JPG
6/28 Pumphouse: A windmill generates electricity and pumps out flooded mineshafts. 108k JPG (72dpi)
272k JPG (150dpi)
3.91mb ZIP (300dpi TIF)
6/21 Minehead: Where slaves labor to uncover raw diamonds and lead ingots. 111k JPG (72dpi)
281k JPG (150dpi)
4.06mb ZIP (300dpi TIF)
6/14 Cavern Port: The ancient limestone cavern where ships unload supplies onto railcars that transport them into the mine's depths. 114k JPG (72dpi)
291k JPG (150dpi)
4.02mb ZIP (300dpi TIF)
6/07 Grand Gate and Towers: The island's only entrance from the sea. 108k JPG (72dpi)
275k JPG (150dpi)
4.02mb ZIP (300dpi TIF)
5/31 Overland Map: From the Atoll of Entry to the Arch of Failure, the despair of those forced to mine this island hangs like a cloud over the rocky terrain. 110k JPG (72dpi)
281k JPG (150dpi)
4.03mb ZIP (300dpi TIF)
5/24 Completed Stone Castle: A stronghold that says "Don't mess with me." Download (JPG 73k)
5/17 Stone Fortress: A citadel that reflects increasing wealth and influence. Download (JPG 72k)
5/10 Wood Fortress: As the leader's power expands, so do the walls. Download (JPG 74k)
5/03 Timber Fort: A modest base of operations, perfect for characters just starting to amass resources. Download (JPG 75k)
4/26 Third Floor: The royal living quarters. What secrets might they hold?
Download (JPG 72k)
Download (TIF 15.42mb ZIP)
4/19 Second Floor: Private rooms where the real work of the palace goes on. Download (JPG 72k)
Download (TIF 15.23mb ZIP)
4/12 First Floor: State rooms for public meetings -- the perfect place for PCs to hear details surrounding their next quest.
Download (JPG 72k)
Download (TIF 15.13mb ZIP)
4/05 Ground Floor: Massive steps, marble stonework, and a domed ceiling receive -- or warn -- palace visitors with their imposing presence. Download (JPG 79k)
Download (TIF 15.87mb ZIP)
4/05 Bonus Map! Thank you for making Map-A-Week one of our most-visited sites! Exterior: Detail of the facade . . . and hints about what may lie beneath the surface of this innocuous-looking palace. Download (JPG 77k)
Download (TIF 14.60mb ZIP)
3/29 Sanitarium: In this hospital of horror, trapped innocents feed the crazed warrior's psionic strength while enduring mental experimentation.
Download (JPG 128k)
Download (TIF 6.17mb ZIP)
3/22 Gate Keep: The undead guards may have lost their minds, but they keep a deadly watch against those who would enter the town. Download (JPG 32k)
Download (TIF 1.88mb ZIP)
3/15 Grist Mill: The labor of trapped souls yields not meal but magic from the perpetually grinding stone.
Download (JPG 40k)
Download (TIF 2.46mb ZIP)
3/08 Cemetery: This garden of empty graves holds more secrets than bodies. Download (JPG 52k)
Download (TIF 4.75mb ZIP)
3/01 Haunted Village (overview map): Old folklore begets new fears among the townsfolk of this village, but a mad psionic warrior is the true force behind the mayhem.
Download (JPG 54k)
Download (TIF 4.27mb ZIP)
3/01 Bonus! Thanks for making Map-A-Week one of the most-visited areas of the D&D website! As a sign of our gratitude, here's a present from the cartographers: a blank map template for your own dungeon designs. Provided with and without gridlines. Download (Hi-Res 1.25m ZIP)
Download (Lo-Res 60k ZIP)
2/22 The Great Petrified Worm Tower: Exquisitelysculpted from the fossilized remains of an enormous worm, this madman's lair now holds untold treasures -- and treachery.
Download (JPG 128k)
Download (TIF 6.17mb)
2/15 School of Sorcery: What magical map collection would be complete without an arcane academy? The uninitiated cannot even fathom the mysterious activities and articles behind this structure's elaborate facade. Download (JPG 135k)
Download (TIF 6.17mb)
2/08 Tower of Deception: A false beacon for weary sailors, this tower is the last resting place -- make that restless place -- of many a missing seaman.
Download (JPG 191k)
Download (TIF 6.17mb)
2/01 High Mountain Wizard's Tower: Ancient glaciers and other challenges of this tower's unforgiving location deter those who would plunder its magical secrets.
Download (JPG 115k)
Download (TIF 6.17mb)
Arena 1/25 Swamp: This ramshackle lair in the bayou makes a great out-of-the-way base for secret goings-on.
Download Now.
Side View 1/18 Evergreen Forest: A four-leveled fortress in the colder, coniferous forest beckons wood elves. Download Now.
Catacombs 1/11 Lighthouse: Trees can be scarce along the shoreline, so this secluded lighthouse-turned-home is perfect for a retired mariner or mage elf.
Download Now.
Surface Level 1/4 Deciduous Forest: This elven hideout rests high in the leaves of a giant sequoia.
Download Now.
City Legend 1/4 Legend: This month's parchment-backed legend features a delicate elven script.
Download Now.
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