2002 Compiled Archive

12/26 The Crypt: Here is an old graveyard, with a tunnel in its small single mausoleum that leads straight into the earth. The deeper you go, the closer you come to the lair of a stupendously big spider who has made these old tunnels her home. If you aren't careful, you may never see the surface again. Download 151k JPG
12/19 The Dungeon: An old castle, now abandoned, houses an uncompleted dungeon complex that your creature of choice has moved into. Within are lanterns containing continual flame torches, left behind by the former workers. No one is sure why their excavation work was never completed. Download 128k JPG
12/12 Pirate Roost: Hidden away deep inside a cave is a small village that perches on docks, which themselves cling to a cave wall. Pirates come to rest and repair their ships here, or maybe they dock just to spend some time at the local tavern and swap a few tall tales. The folds of the cavern twist and turn before you can even get to the village. Explore the depths inside to find the remains of old shipwrecks that may have treasure hidden within them. Avoid the creatures who live here, though, or you may find yourself in a watery grave. Download 157k JPG
12/05 Bandit Cave: In this hideout of a group of thieves tucked away deep in caves on the edge of town, a treasure trove of goods lies hidden. Rumor has it that several generations of bandits have stashed stolen goods in the cave. Though it isn't an easy task getting in to them, those who do have the chance to advance themselves financially. Beware of ambushes and traps set by the bandit prince. Download 134k JPG
11/28 The Lairs: The final level is comprised of two large open areas that could be used as lairs for any type of beast. Smaller rooms could hold more creatures, NPCs, or be storerooms for treasure. Is that inset semicircle in the southernmost large room mask a secret door? You decide. Download 160k JPG
11/21 The Gauntlet: Descend to this floor and a long hall flanked with waiting danger lies before you. Side halls lead to lairs on either side of the main hall. The potential for an ambush is great, so adventurers must watch their backs at all times. Download 162k JPG
11/14 Dropped into the Middle: The entrance is in the middle of this dungeon floor. Two passage arms sweep out from the dungeon's heart, then on branches and branches again. Which way to start? Either will surely bring danger. Download 169k JPG
11/04 The Entrance: After descending a rickety ladder, you precede into a variety of hallways and medium-sized rooms, perfect for random encounters. A dead end could be used as an ambush point, and secret doors keep clueless intruders out. Download 162k JPG
10/31 Mini Poster (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 271k Lo-Res JPGDownload 982k Hi-Res JPG
10/31 Section 3-5 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 320k JPG
10/24 Section 3-4 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 294k JPG
10/17 Section 3-3 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 302k JPG
10/10 Section 3-2 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 316k JPG
10/03 Section 3-1 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 309k JPG
09/26 Section 2-5 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 316k JPG
09/19 Section 2-4 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 295k JPG
09/12 Section 2-3 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 328k JPG
09/05 Section 2-2 (Mega Map - Dungeon Poster) Download 326k JPG
08/29 Section 2-1 Download 308k JPG
08/22 Section 1-5 Download 314k JPG
08/15 Section 1-4 Download 316k JPG
08/08 Section 1-3 -- Gen Con bonus! Download 321k JPG
08/08 Section 1-2 Download 320k JPG
08/01 Section 1-1 Download 321k JPG
07/25King's Dungeon: Stamped with the king's crown insignia, this dungeon level features 11 rectangular chambers awaiting exploration by the brave. Download 342k JPG
07/18 Queen's Dungeon: A round ceremonial chamber serves as the centerpiece for this dungeon level, which bears the mark of the royal fleur-de-lis. Download 343k JPG
07/11 Emperor's Dungeon : The seemingly endless hallways of this dungeon layout, marked with the imperial stamp, will try the endurance of the stoutest adventuring party. Download 350k JPG
07/04 Scepter Dungeon: The 11 chambers of this dungeon level are just waiting for you to populate them with monsters and treasure! This map bears the stamp of a scepter-holding regal figure. Download 339k JPG
06/27 Arenan Mortale: A dark and dismal place this is. It was once used for final judgment of the worst criminals. Instead of execution, the guilty ones who were brought here would fight each other until a winner remained. The losers would be displayed for all to see, and the winner would remain to fight until defeated. Those who lost their lives in combat here decorate the tops of the walls, impaled on spikes or left to rot in cages. A few lucky individuals remain held captive in the small tower next to the main island. Download 77k JPG
06/20 Fortress del drago del mare: An crazed wizard created this place as a base of operations years ago. The small fortress has several floors devoted to inventing new magic devices. Currently the wizard is experimenting with black powder and has made a large cannon for the defense of the fortress. He has tethered a small hot air balloon for when he needs to travel short distances. Download 71k JPG
06/13 Posto del sonno Mann: This place was built to house a small group of warlords who traveled the planes long ago. The strength of the unusual towers is unmatched. The larger main tower serves as the main hall, as well as an armory, eating hall, and library. It also houses some small dormitories for the troops. The smaller stacked tower is where the lords live. The dungeons are carved into the surface of the giant body fragment. Download 71k JPG
06/06 La perdita del tutto che sia well: A village sits clustered on the face of a long-deceased goddess. A small castle looms behind the few buildings that are here, and a hot air balloon floats lazily above the ground anchored near the houses. The castle was built ages ago and has housed many inhabitants through the ages. Its rooms are decorated in a a rich but eccentric hodge-podge of different decors from different eras and locales. The first houses were built when a group of adventurers landed and decided to make this odd place their home. Some tunnels beneath the surface are used to store expensive or precious supplies. Download 70k JPG
05/30 Volcano Depths: Deep below the surface are a series of caves filled with pools of water. Strange heat- and dark-loving things lurk here, waiting to challenge an adventuring group. 65k JPG Lo-Res
701k JPG Hi-Res
05/23 Volcano Cross-Section: Upon scaling the mountain, a party can finda vent tunnel to sloping down into the depths of the volcano. The central shaft plunges deep into darkness. What is below? 53k JPG Lo-Res
593k JPG Hi-Res
05/16 Temple of the Sunless Dawn: The temple was built many years ago, after the volcano blew. A group of monks inhabit this structure. They spend their time documenting the strange creatures that live in the surrounding areas, but now need some folk to help them explore the depths of the volcano and bring back information about the caves and their inhabitants. 64k JPG Lo-Res
705k JPG Hi-Res
05/09 Hamlet of Keirath: This humble place houses only two families of people, both of whom farm for a living. The locals tell stories about beasts that roam about at night looking for people or animals to kill for food. The extinct volcano looms near the village, a grim reminder of devastation from the past and an unknown threat to the future. 67k JPG Lo-Res
946k JPG Hi-Res
05/02 Volcano Region Overview: A small hamlet sits next to the river. The folk that live there are simple and speak of a temple that sits at the base of the nearby old volcano. The surrounding lands are wild and unpredictable. 57k JPG Lo-Res
710k JPG Hi-Res
04/25 Fort Coyote: Izrom has three forts, and all of their floorplans are identical. Each fort has three levels, which are shown in plan view. 371k JPG Lo-Res
1286mb JPG Hi-Res
04/18 Temple of Rosque: The island's main temple is used primarily for large rituals and events. The plan view shows two levels, one being the balcony. 380k JPG Lo-Res
1339mb JPG Hi-Res
04/11 Abandoned Copper Mine: This mine has been long abandoned, as its copper ore has played otu. Now anything can be lurking in the damp darkness of the mine.-- 421k JPG Lo-Res
1492mb JPG Hi-Res
04/04 Overland Map: Shows the isle of Izrom and its main communities, mines, forts, and temple. 391k JPG Lo-Res
1429mb JPG Hi-Res
04/01 Treasure Room (April Fool's Day Bonus): This safeguard against marauding adventurers puts the "fun" back in functional. It also provides a little insight into exactly what the monsters think about your PCs. No really, they told us so! 178k JPG Lo-Res
738mb JPG Hi-Res
03/28 The Water Level: After much fighting and searching, you find yourself at the edge of an underwater spring that has filled a large portion of the cave. The water is pure and cold. Is there a hidden underwater tunnel or cave beneath? 280k JPG Lo-Res
988mb JPG Hi-Res
03/21 The Chasm Level: Many more giant spiders attack as you try to make your way through the chaos of tunnels. An old bridge spans the deep chasm. Is the bridge safe? What lies at the bottom? 275k JPG Lo-Res
975mb JPG Hi-Res
03/14 The Precious Ore: Certain rocks cast an evil reddish glow from within. What is the mysterious substance that lies hidden in the walls? 357k JPG Lo-Res
1252mb JPG Hi-Res
03/07 The Entrance Level: The entrance to the lair is wide and clean of debris. As you go in further, webbing is found deeper in the main hall. Be careful not to make too much noise, as the spiders are sensitive to vibration. Many lifeless cocooned bodies are stuck in the webs. 293k JPG Lo-Res
1041mb JPG Hi-Res
02/28 Dungeon 4: Underground Temple. The entrance to this dungeon is well hidden, but once adventurers are inside, there are many places to explore. This could be the secret temple of an evil cult, or perhaps a forgotten shrine waiting to be discovered.-- 398k JPG 72dpi
2.35mb JPG 150dpi
02/21 Dungeon 3: Catacombs. This dungeon would make a perfect thieves' guild hidden underneath a city. A wealthy sorcerer could also operate well out of such a place. 399k JPG 72dpi
2.41mb JPG 150dpi
02/14 Dungeon 2: The Old Mines. These old tunnels hold many secrets. Who originally dug all of these passages? Why did the work suddenly stop, and what evil lurks deep in musty darkness? 417k JPG 72dpi
2.46mb JPG 150dpi
02/07 Dungeon 1: Hillside Dungeon.This is a typical hillside dungeon complex hidden by overgrown vegetation. What are the many alcoves for in its long hallway? And what is at the bottom of the murky pool in the final room? 388k JPG 72dpi
2.42mb JPG 150dpi
01/31 Shrine. Their story lost to time, these standing stones have been here longer than anyone can remember. No one knows the original purpose of the site, but rumors of a subterranean cavern complex have enticed many adventurers into the gaping hole in the earth. None have returned. 330k JPG 72dpi
997k JPG 150dpi
01/24 Lighthouse. The small lighthouse at the end of the peninsula has outlasted many occupants and brutal storms. Its last recorded inhabitant, an old sea captain, kept a constant vigil for decades in hopes his lost shipmates would someday return. 294k JPG 72dpi
931k JPG 150dpi
01/17 Castle End. Plagued by mishaps and delays during construction, Castle End has seen many owners over time -- including one insane lord who killed himself and all who lived there. The local hunters say riches lie hidden in the walls, guarded by spirits who haunt the fortress. 336k JPG 72dpi
1.05mb JPG 150dpi
01/10 The Last Hamlet. Is that the glow of firelight ahead? A small group of hunters occupy three humble cottages -- all that remain of this forgotten village. They cautiously accept visitors, and speak of dark evil that lies deep beneath the ice. 252k JPG 72dpi
815k JPG 150dpi
01/03 Overview: The Farthest Reach. New snow is seldom disturbed on this frozen landscape, where only the howling wind and roar of a distant icy sea break the stillness. - 290k JPG 72dpi
915k JPG 150dpi
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