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Expedition to Undermountain
06/27 Kobold Warren Bonus Maps (Tagged and Untagged): In this bonus map set for June, we present a warren filled with kobolds (or other creatures of your choice). You can use the tagged version or the untagged version in your game tonight. Download 300dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 300dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (untagged) JPG
06/27 Sargauth Level: Undermountain's third level is named for the River Sargauth, a slow, inky-water river that begins at one massive water-portal and ends in another. Download 72dpi JPG
06/20 The Storeroom Level: This level has fewer, larger rooms, and more walls, floors, and ceilings fashioned out of solid smooth stone. Rather than being finished by the Melairbode dwarves, it was a labyrinth of mining tunnels that wandered through the rock wherever the ore-veins they were following went, and large, rough caverns where the dwarves dumped the waste rock of their delvings. Download 72dpi JPG
06/14 The Dungeon Level: If you followed our Return to Undermountain article series (visit the archives here) or intend to run it before taking a jaunt into the updated Expedition to Undermountain, you could find this map quite useful. Download 72dpi JPG
06/14 Undermountain Profile: See how the levels of Undermountain stack up against each other. Download 72dpi JPG
Complete Champion
05/30 Aqueduct (Tagged and Untagged): In this bonus map set for May, we have an aqueduct for you. You can use the tagged version or the untagged version in your game tonight! Download 300dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (tagged) JPG
Download 300dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 150dpi (untagged) JPG
Download 72dpi (untagged) JPG
05/23 Palace of Burning Ice: Nowhere is Tiamat's influence more overt than in her holy sites. The Draconic name of these places translates roughly as "Palaces of Burning Ice," but human sages refer to them as frozen calderas of the Dragon Queen. The name is certainly appropriate, because whatever other features might differ, these sites appear in only one sort of location -- the caldera of a volcano in a frozen mountain range. Download 72dpi JPG
05/16 Ancient Temple: Hidden in the depths of the ziggurat are ancient mystic texts so potent -- so revolutionary -- that they could well change the mortal races' understanding of magic. Every priesthood with an interest in magic and secrets has dispatched champions on a holy quest to locate and return with these ancient texts. Download 72dpi JPG
05/09 Ghostly Lair: Ghosts wait in a nearby complex of caves with their newly animated zombie minions. They make no effort to hide the tracks of the zombies, because they want Pelor's champions to come hunting. The ghosts and the zombies have, with a few exceptions, no set locations within the caves. They attack in the areas, and numbers, they think most tactically sound. Their precise numbers are left to the DM, in order to best challenge her particular party. Download 72dpi JPG
05/02 The Reliquary of Six: The Reliquary of Six is the central headquarters of the Disciples of Legend. Built over ancient ruins once occupied cultists of Juiblex called the Fleshless Brethren, it houses the Disciples' library and serves as home to some of its most devoted members. Download 72dpi JPG
Expedition to the Demonweb Pits
04/25 The Demonweb: Ah, the Demonweb. This is an ambassador's map -- is it completely accurate? Download 72dpi JPG
04/18 Hall of the Great Web: The black hemispherical room is the junction of several passages, and its floor is polished black marble marked with silver lines and shapes. Two sections of the wall are covered with silver-and-iron scrollwork that resembles webbing; these two meet at the center of the dome overhead. The floor wriggles slightly underfoot. Download 72dpi JPG
04/11 A Sacred Space: The moonlight shimmers on a pocket lake, about 100 feet across. At the center of the lake sits a small island, only about 20 feet in diameter. Whether you use this in the adventure for which it was created or for a spot of your own design, this space looks rather serene. Is it, though? Download 72dpi JPG
04/04 Bonus Map: Tower of Mystery: If you need a quick, untagged location, this map may serve you well! Put evil cultists, a few squads of enemy orcs, or friendly forces inside as you need them! Download 300dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
04/04 The Styx Oarsman: Located in Sigil's Lower Ward, the Styx Oarsman typifies the multiracial planar metropolis. The patrons run the gamut from good to evil, with the scales tipping toward the dark side of life. This inn caters to a mostly humanoid crowd. Download 72dpi JPG
Dungeonscape and Secrets of Sarlona
02/28 Sarlona: As befitting the title Secrets of Sarlona, we present the map for it. Sarlona is a land of ancient secrets and present darkness. Four nations and a dozen races stand as the end result of fifteen hundred years of conflict, intrigue, and repression. Despite its history and its status as the birthplace of humans, Sarlona remains mysterious to Khorvairians. Download 72dpi JPG
02/21 Riedra: Befitting a nation that extends across a continent, Riedra features a vast array of landscapes and climes. All the Inspired's teachings about unity cannot erase geography. As such, the current Riedran provinces map closely to some of Sarlona's former nations. Download 72dpi JPG
02/14 Adar: Adar is as a land plucked from some other realm. Among the mountains that spring from southern Sarlona, manifestations of other worlds and the natural results of such interference conspire to produce a forbidding environment. Yet, amid unforgiving peaks and between terrible storms, life thrives and evolves. Download 72dpi JPG
02/07 Wartower Wardens Guildhall: This guildhall from Dungeonscape can serve its purpose as stated, or you can adapt it for more insidious purposes. Download 72dpi JPG
Complete Scoundrel
01/31 Meeting House: This map could serve as a meeting house for an organization or guild, or it could be an inn in a city or large town. Download 300dpi JPG
Download 150dpi JPG
Download 72dpi JPG
01/24 Rebel Camp in Ruined Temple: This map shows a rebel encampment in a buried, ruined temple. Download 72dpi JPG
01/17 Tradegate: This map shows the gate town of Tradegate on the Outlands. Each of the town's five districts has two gates. Download 72dpi JPG
01/10 The Bottle and Blade Speakeasy: This map shows a small, two-story inn with a gambling den and fighting pit in its basement. Download 72dpi JPG
01/03 Sewer Pipe Black Market: This map shows a bustling underground black market in a latge, functioning sewer pipe. Several "stores" have been carved out of the stone walls, boards make ramshakle bridges, a long boat floats in the muck, as do numerous floating crates packed with goods. Barrels, mats, and tables show off wares along the crowded walkways. A partially collapsed and disused side pipe serves as a warehouse. Download 72dpi JPG
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