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Excitement in Wizards' Roleplaying Game Research and Development department today surrounds miniatures. When the D&D miniatures skirmish game debuted last year, no one dared hope it would be as successful as it was. We should have known better -- any game that attracts the attention of virtually every staff member in the company has to be good! (The company store has to place severe limits on minis purchases or they'd be sold out as soon as they come in, and the in-house tournaments and leagues have been full to bursting.) We're fans, after all.

While Wizards' staff members still marvel over the new Giants of Legend set (and start yet another in-house tournament league), we wait with baited breath for something we've been looking forward to for years: The Star Wars miniatures game! The first sets of the new Star Wars miniatures are in and it's hard to keep them out of the clutches of eager would-be players. Even though the staff knows they'll get a crack at them within a few weeks, few can keep their hands off the sample minis. Can't wait to pit Chewbacca's raiders against Darth Vader's crack assault troopers? Eager to lead a rescue mission with Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in the bowels of the Death Star? Well, so are we! Come see a special preview demo at this year's Gen Con Indy!.

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