September Ushers in a New Era for Dragon and Dungeon Magazines

With a new look and a greater focus on what D&D players want, the new Dragon Magazine gives you the best in gaming, presenting new official rules, original game content, great advice, and the perfect inspiration for your D&D game.

In each issue, you'll also see what cool products are on the horizon, find out what other players are up to, and get an insider's look at the industry. Also, starting with issue 323, the new Dragon presents a bonus quarterly catalog giving you the scoop on upcoming D&D releases from Wizards of the Coast, all gathered in one place.

Each 100-page issue of Dungeon Magazine is the ultimate resource for Dungeon Masters, providing three official Dungeons & Dragons adventures appropriate for low-, medium-, and high-level adventurers. The Campaign Workbook and Monte Cook's Dungeoncraft columns offer tips and tricks to help you become a better DM, and Star Trek: The Next Generation star and über-geek Wil Wheaton shares his insights on the life of a gamer in the amusing Wil Save.

Get the best out of your gaming experience. Get Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine!

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