Gifts from the Frost
10 Reasons Why Your Character Wants You to Get Frostburn
By James Jacobs

Although Frostburn provides a wealth of new rules for adventuring in frozen terrains, you don't need to be playing in the Land of Black Ice, the Great Glacier, or the realm of Stygia in the Nine Hells of Baator to take advantage of the new options and rules presented in its pages. Listed below are ten new rules and options your character can use from Frostburn no matter what campaign she is in.

10. Neanderthals: Finally, rules for cavemen! Nothing says RAGE like a neanderthal barbarian. With a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution and a +1 bonus to attack rolls with primitive weapons, who cares if you can't read?

9. Snowflake Wardance: There are some great new feats in Frostburn. Bards should check out the Snowflake Wardance feat. By expending one of your bardic music uses for the day, you get to apply your Charisma modifier to attack rolls made with one-handed slashing weapons.

8. Religion: Frostburn provides details on nine cold-related deities (a few from the Forgotten Realms, a few from Greyhawk, and a few brand new ones), along with two new domains to go along with them -- Cold (lets you turn or destroy creatures with the fire subtype) and Winter (gain a +2 sacred bonus to Wisdom-based skill checks during the winter season).

7. New Weapons: Frostburn introduces nearly a dozen new exotic weapons for your fighter to pick up and specialize in. Shoot icicles with your new icechucker, make some ranged trip attacks with your glots, or punch through any kind of armor with a massive bone bow.

6. Animal Companions and Familiars: Lots of the new animals detailed in Frostburn make excellent animal companions. Try the saber-tooted tiger, for one! Or check out a penguin familiar for a +2 bonus to Fortitude saves. (Yep, a penguin familiar. How cool is that?)

5. Cloud Anchorite: One of the new prestige classes introduced in Frostburn has monk written all over it. The cloud anchorite greatly increases your land speed and your climb speed, gives you a lot of other cool abilities and bonus feats, and lets you continue improving your monk bonus to your Armor Class and unarmed damage.

4. Stygian Ice: If you're feeling particularly nasty, build that new weapon out of stygian ice and start inflicting Wisdom damage on your enemies blow after blow!

3. Faith in the Frost: Clerics can use the Faith in the Frost feat to inflict cold damage on undead whenever they turn them. (Works particularly well on undead with the fire subtype!)

2. Primeval: Check out this prestige class. The primeval is a shapechanging warrior who can transform into a prehistoric creature. Think of it as a druid specialized in wildshaping -- no spell advancement, but you'll really be able to tear things apart when you transform into a supercharged dinosaur or dire animal!

1. Spells!: There's a lot of new spells in Frostburn. As you can expect, they're mostly connected to the cold in some way, but that doesn't mean that you need to be standing on a glacier or iceberg to cast them. In fact, these spells can be just the thing you're looking for when you're sneaking into a dungeon located in or near a volcano, looking for fire giants and red dragons to fight. Crush your enemies with comets, create avalanches and blizzards out of nothing, or drop an iceberg on that obnoxious evil temple!

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