Atari "University" in Mexico

Atari recently sponsored "Atari University" in Cabo, Mexico where some of the publishing industry's top PC and console game reviewers got first looks at a lot of Atari's newest releases. Among the projects shown to Gamespy, the G4 Network, PC Gamer, and other magazine writers were several Wizards of the Coast licensed products, including Demonstone, Dragonshard, and Dungeons & Dragons Online.

How did the show go? Well, Demonstone -- a console game set in the Forgotten Realms and written with the help of R.A. Salvatore -- was one of the hits of Atari's presentation. The brand-new Eberron campaign setting came off smelling like a Mexican rose, too, and both Dragonshard (the D&D real-time strategy game) and D&D Online (set in the Eberron city of Stormreach) impressed the editors.

Of course, with pina coladas, pool-to-pool bar service, and clambakes on the beach, Atari University had a lot going for it anyway. But D&D made some waves of its own in the southern surf!

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