Eberron Soundtrack Sample Tracks

Within Sharn: City of Towers you'll find a special bonus soundtrack CD that features over 45 minutes of cinema-quality music. If you want to hear a sample of what's in store for you, check out the sample tracks below.

Playing the Files

These files are zipped MP3s.

If You Are on a PC: First download these files by right-clicking on their links and saving the files to your desktop. Use an unzipping utility to unzip the files. Use an MP3 player program to play these files. Windows Media Player (usually installed with your system software), RealPlayer, QuickTime, or iTunes will all work.

If You Are on a Mac in OS X: First download these files. Your system should automatically unzip them, or you can use an unstuffing/unzipping utility to do so. Use an MP3 player program to play these files. QuickTime, or iTunes or RealPlayer will all work.
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