Menaces in the Ice and Snow
10 Reasons Why Your Monsters Want You to Get Frostburn
By James Jacobs

IcerazerIf your campaign already takes place in a frozen realm, then there's little reason not to run out and get a copy of Frostburn. But even if your campaign is set in a temperate (or even tropical) region, what you may not realize is that you can still exploit the new rules and options in Frostburn. Listed below are 10 reasons to pick up Frostburn, no matter where your campaign is set.

10. What's Good for the Goose...: Check out "Gifts from the Frost." This article lists ten things that players can use in Frostburn, and what's good for them is good for your monsters and favorite NPCs.

9. Monster Variants: A few of the monsters detailed in the monster chapter are actually variants of monsters from the Monster Manual. Ghosts, frost giants, and orcs all make new appearances in the frost, in many cases with class levels and alternate feat selections. Here are some great examples for how to adapt existing monsters to new environments!

8. Cabin Fever!: One of several new diseases introduced in this book, cabin fever's a great affliction for DMs to use, because all it takes to come down with a case of this Wisdom-draining sickness is to be cooped up in a tight place for an extended period of time. Now you have the perfect surprise for those groups who insist on camping in a 10-foot-square room on the 10th level of the dungeon for days on end.

7. Frozen Traps: Over four dozen new complete trap stat blocks lurk on pages 18-20 of Frostburn. Tired of having PCs fall into normal pits? Try tossing them into a pit filled with poisoned ice spikes. Zowie!

6. Old Favorites: Some monsters in Frostburn are updated to v.3.5 of the D&D rules for the first time, including the frost folk, the white pudding, and the dreaded ice toad. Even the yeti (previously seen in Oriental Adventures) makes an appearance.

5. Delzomen's Iceforge: A hidden dungeon that lurks below the lair of a band of Neanderthals, Delzomen's Iceforge is a fully detailed adventure site you can easily place in any terrain or climate. The dungeon's frozen walls constantly emit cold and would present a chilling surprise to characters who encounter the site under a desert oasis.

4. Winterhaunt of Iborighu: Many of the new prestige classes introduced in Frostburn make good villains -- for instance, the winterhaunt of Iborighu. These cultists of a new deity have excellent spellcasting power, and on top of that they excel at putting the freeze on areas normally not known for their harsh winters.

3. Encounter Tables: Need to roll up a wandering monster for that glacier? Check out the exhaustive set of tables at the end of the book, arranged by terrain and split up by Encounter Level, and featuring monsters from all three Monster Manuals, the Fiend Folio, and (of course) Frostburn itself.

2. Brand New Monsters: Speaking of monsters, the majority of the new monsters introduced in Frostburn are seeing print for the first time. Several new dire animals native to frozen terrain (and some regular animals too!), some new undead (including the entombed, who can imprison the living in blocks of solid ice), the marzanna (also know as the "winter hag," a creature with a dreadful gaze weapon and rending claws), and the massive shivhad (a gargantuan aberration that bonds with glaciers and eats white dragons for breakfast).

1. Icerazer: The iceberg city of Icerazer is a fully detailed adventure site. Ruled by a particularly cruel and dangerous harpy and infused with all sorts of devilish wickedness, Icerazer's mobile nature makes it an excellent safe haven for the pirates or slavers who might have been harassing your campaign world's coastal cities. The site's open-ended presentation makes it simple to introduce into any campaign.

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