Gen Con 2004 D&D Miniatures Championship Results

Brian Mackey of New Jersey came to Gen Con with the highest D&D miniatures DCI rating in the nation. He proved the rating wasn't a fluke, losing only one game on his way to winning the first D&D miniatures national championship.

Brian's prizes included a whole slew of miniatures and a hand-painted Huge Red Dragon with inset gem eyes. You can check out the dragon because it's now his avatar in his online alias as Kiddoc.

Best of all, Brian won the opportunity to design a mini for an upcoming D&D miniatures set. He has opted to design a mini based on his wife, Erika! Like six of the other eight semifinalists, Brian played a Chaotic Evil warband at the championship, but players of Chaotic Good warbands can rejoice: Erika is going to be on your side. The art is underway. We won't have the Kiddoc-Loves-Erika miniature for sale at next year's Gen Con, but we should have early productions samples next year to cheer Brian on when he defends his crown.

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