D&D Electronic Games Hitting Stores

Demon Stone, published by Atari and created by Stormfront Studios, is just the first of many Dungeons & Dragons electronic games releasing over the next year. Atari is pushing ahead with many topline games featuring D&D in new and exciting ways. Demon Stone combines the writing skills of R.A. Salvatore with the voice talent of Patrick Stewart to create an action-adventure title set in the Forgotten Realms setting.

Coming early next year we'll see the Dungeons & Dragons real-yime strategy game, Dragonshard. Dragonshard is being developed by Liquid Entertainment and is set in the brand-new campaign setting of Eberron. Warforged, Knights of the Silver Flame, and other exciting creatures battle in both the aboveground and underground areas of Xen'drik. The game is particularly innovative in that it combines roleplaying elements with traditional real-time strategy play. (Author Note: The very first build of Dragonshard just showed up in the Wizards offices and, darn, it's just too fun! I can't get any work done!)

Eberron won't be limited to real-time strategy play, either. Utilizing the skills of Turbine Entertainment, Atari is putting forth one of its most ambitious offerings for D&D ever -- Dungeons & Dragons Online. Set for release in late 2005, D&D Online will be the opportunity many massively multiplayer roleplaying gamers (MMORPGers) have waited years for -- the chance to play Dungeons & Dragons with their friends all across the world. Set in the Eberron city of Stormreach, D&D Online will grow up with the new campaign setting, and players will have the opportunity to explore and shape a brand new D&D world.

Not-quite-finally (because there are plenty more games being discussed), Obsidian Entertainment, in collaboration with Neverwinter Nights' original developer, BioWare, is working on Neverwinter Nights 2, the long-awaited sequel to the immensely popular franchise. This partnership will ensure the great things about the original Neverwinter Nights franchise continue forward, but Obsidian will update the game and add a lot of new twists and turns to gameplay.

Questions about these games? I'll bet! Watch this space for more details as they develop, and visit both and for more information as it arrives!

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