The Special Edition Player’s Handbook
Get the Best for the 30th Anniversary

We're very proud that 2004 is the 30th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. To commemorate this event, Wizards of the Coast has produced a deluxe, leatherbound version of the most important Dungeons & Dragons rulebook: the Player's Handbook.

The cover of this wonderful edition is premium black bonded leather embossed with a unique design and highlighted with gunmetal silver. The interior features gunmetal gilt-edged premium paper with beautifully designed endpapers and an attached fabric bookmark. It's gorgeous. It reflects the pride and joy Wizards of the Coast has in being a part of the vibrant and imaginative industry of roleplaying games.

The Special Edition Player's Handbook was created with the collector in mind -- but you can use it for regular game play. The text of the book incorporates errata, making it entirely suitable for the table. You won't have to worry about keeping it up on a shelf because you wrote in the errata in your day-to-day Player's Handbook and prefer to have the corrected text in front of you -- instead you can keep this marvelous edition in your hands for every game you play, bringing it along with every character and every adventure.

Enjoy a special treat, and celebrate the 30th anniversary in style. Buy yourself, a friend, or loved one the Special Edition Player's Handbook!

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