Deathknell at the Office

The production samples of the new Dungeons & Dragons miniatures set, Deathknell have just arrived at Wizards of the Coast. As I write this, Stacy Longstreet, senior art director for R&D RPG and Miniatures, is reviewing the newest miniatures set as the rest of the R&D staff finds excuses to "drop by" and look over her shoulder. Stacy's good-natured about it, however -- she didn't kick me out of her office until I started juggling beholders. (Hey, I've always wanted to do that!) Until you see a beholder at the correct miniatures scale, it's hard to remember how big they actually are!

Stacy has ettins, gold dragons, and a host of undead strewn out on her desk, and it's hard for the R&D staff to keep away. Fortunately, the production samples look terrific and they're the first sign that the next set is going to be finished -- sort of like the first crocus of spring. Listen for a Deathknell in a store nearest you this coming March 2005.

Meanwhile, the Aberrations D&D miniatures starter set and booster pack are the hot D&D miniatures releases available now in October 2004.

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