A Complete New City
10 Reasons Why Your NPCs Want You to Get Sharn: City of Towers
by Darrin Drader

The new Sharn: City of Towers book for use with the Eberron Campaign Setting provides a wealth of history juicy detail about the city of Sharn that DMs can mine. Below are ten reasons why Sharn: City of Towers is a great resource for DMs.

10. The Lay of the City: The Eberron Campaign Setting introduces the City of Sharn and provides a brief write-up for it, along with some compelling art. But if you want to use the city as the nucleus of a campaign, you need more -- much more. Sharn: City of Towers provides descriptions and maps of all the city's districts, as well as solid information about how the altitude affects the inhabitants, the architecture, and even the fabric of society.

9. The Seedy Underbelly: Whether you want to create some new enemies for the PCs or entangle them in criminal enterprises, this book offers plenty of information about the shady side of Sharn, as well as adventure hooks to draw the PCs into it. Furthermore, the information on the city's legal system can help you figure out what punishments the authorities should levy when the city watch finally discovers the characters' less-than-legal activities.

8. The Play within the Game: In Eberron, PCs and NPCs frequently meet to exchange valuable information -- sometimes in private, but more often in crowded public locations such as theaters. Sharn: City of Towers details the city's prominent theaters, the kinds of plays they produce, and the amount of money the PCs can expect to spend at each. Such establishments also provide ways for characters with the Perform skill to shine.

7. Mercenary Company: House Deneith operates one of the finest mercenary companies in all of Eberron. If some of your PCs decide to join this organization, you have an easy lead-in for adventures.

6. Detailed Enemy Organizations: The Boromar Clan, one of the most ruthless factions in Sharn, operates in the open by paying off the guards. Because of the clan's many contacts, is all too easy for well-intentioned PCs to run afoul of its members, and those who do are in for the fight of their lives.

5. Assassination: Even in Sharn, assassin guilds lurk in the shadows. House Tarkanan is willing to end the life of any mark for the right price. Its members are capable foes that can test the talent, resolve, and resourcefulness of even the most heroic PCs.

4. Enemies That Defy Gravity: The Sharn skymage prestige class isn't just for players. With a little effort, any wizard can bring combat encounters into the skies through membership in this prestige class. NPC skymages can make flyby attacks while trying to push their foes into the abyss of open air between the towers.

3. Wizard's Manacles: Tired of capturing the PCs only to have them use their Escape Artist skills to get away before their enemies can finalize their maniacal plans? With wizard's manacles, the PCs are yours to control until the villains can gain the upper hand.

2. The Feral Spirit: This swarm of undead rats under the control of an undead spirit poses a unique challenge for the PCs -- an abundance of rodents with the strengths of undead.

1. Artificers Aplenty: The NPC tables in Sharn: City of Towers are similar to those in the Dungeon Master's Guide, except that they describe NPC artificers ranging in level from 1st to 20th. These tables are the perfect resource for an overburdened DM who needs quick statistics for an unexpected encounter.

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