A New Home Base
10 Reasons Why Your Character Wants You to Get Sharn: City of Towers
by Darrin Drader

The Sharn: City of Towers supplement for use with the Eberron Campaign Setting provides a wealth of history and game information about the city of Sharn. Below are ten reasons why Sharn: City of Towers is a great resource for players.

10. Set up Shop: At long last, you can find out what it would cost your character to open and operate a shop. With a business of his own, he can easily unload all that loot he and his friends keep acquiring and become a truly prosperous adventurer/entrepreneur.

9. Send Messages to Other Cities: No longer must PCs spend their valuable spell slots to communicate over long distances. Characters can simply go to one of the Speakers Guild locations and, for a nominal fee, send messages to their contacts, allies, and friends in other cities.

8. Find a Place to Hang Your Helm: Sharn is a great base of operations for characters, whether they're new to the adventuring business or seasoned veterans welcomed throughout Khorvaire. Characters who make Sharn their home can rest there between outings to Xendrik or the Mournlands, and sometimes they can find adventure right on their doorsteps. After all, why should home be a boring place?

7. Join a Wizard Circle: Your character can increase her prestige by joining an organization devoted to magic. Not only does membership in such an organization improve her connections within the city, but selling and creating magic items becomes considerably cheaper. As an added bonus, she doesn't even have to pay for a place to sleep anymore!

6. Use the Manifest Zones to Advantage: The Manifest Leap feat allows a character to make great leaps and greatly reduces the chance of death in a fall from the tower's dizzying height. The feat also significantly increases a rogue's chances of making a successful escape from the Dragonmarked Houses' chambers located in the upper levels of the towers.

5. Become a Member of the Citadel Elite: Members of this unique prestige class can hone their fighting skills while increasing their luck. Furthermore, because the Citadel Elite acts in the interests of the King and Crown of Breland, its members can easily acquire contacts and favors from the Brelish King.

4. Shockwave: This lesser-known spell is the perfect venue for magical combat in an urban setting. Shockwave lets a character unleash his magical might in crowded streets without fear of messy collateral damage.

3. Make Friends and Enemies: Adventurers do not exist in a vacuum -- those who hold the political power can be both ruthless enemies and powerful benefactors to them. Sharn: City of Towers offers hints about who might be backing the evildoers your character and her compatriots have just exposed and provides people from whom the party can seek aid when the chips are down.

2. Learn How to Get out of Trouble: Let's face it -- a city's legal code isn't always the most engaging read. But when characters must resort to crime to bring down villains who operate above the law, the legal code provides a framework on which to mount a good defense.

1. Get a Map: Navigating a city that is built up rather than out can be a daunting task, but help is available. The maps in Sharn: City of Towers provide characters with the means to get where they're going. And if they don't feel like climbing all those stairs, they can catch a sky coach and reach their destinations even faster.

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