It's Your Destiny
Ten Reasons for Players to Buy Races of Destiny
by Jesse Decker

Although Races of Destiny provides a wealth of new rules for human, half-elf, and half-orc characters, you don't need to play one of those races to take advantage of the new options and rules presented in its pages. Plus, you don't want to miss the illumians -- the new PC race introduced in Races of Destiny. These characters have powers and abilities unlike any other race in the game system. Below are ten new rules and options from Races of Destiny that are useful to characters in any campaign.

10. Play a Doppelganger: Ever wanted to play one of those shapeshifting mind readers that everyone fears? Races of Destiny contains the rules you need!

9. Animate City: Under siege? Turn the city itself against your enemies! Cast this high-level spell and foes within the city's reach take damage every round.

8. Find Religion: The core pantheon finally gets its own host of initiate feats in Races of Destiny. Not only do these feats give characters bonuses and abilities, but they also allow devoted worshipers access to new clerical spells. Now your character can learn of the arcane insights that only the initiates of Boccob can master, or build upon the eternal strength of Kord!

7. Skill & Intrigue: Races of Destiny provides plenty of new options for any character who wants to navigate the teeming metropolises of humanity. Now your character can use Decipher Script to create secret codes, mask objects with Disguise, learn about secret organizations with Gather Information, wield Knowledge skills to greater effect, and master the art of using Listen in a crowd.

6. Cities of Magic: Races of Destiny offers new spells aplenty, ranging from the assassin's rooftop strider to the fabled might of the shadow guardians spell. Plus, clerics gain access to the City and Destiny domains.

5. Racial Substitution Levels: First introduced in Planar Handbook, substitution levels are one of the most exciting new character options available. Find special options and abilities for your half-elf or half-orc character here!

4. Urban Combat: Use new tactical feats such as Crowd Tactics and Roofwalker to conquer your foes in the dangerous back alleys of human cities. These innovative urban feats provide new combat maneuvers that focus on combat in a city setting.

3. Insignia Spells: Groups such as city guards, religious orders, and even adventuring parties have never had an easier way to communicate or share power. With a single spell, a character can send an alarm signal, a combat blessing, or even a burst of healing energy to everyone who carries a specially forged insignia.

2. Give Your Character Some Character: Dwarves are dour, gnomes are inventive, and elves are wise. These simple generalizations may seem like stereotypes at first, but in truth they make roleplaying nonhumans much easier. But what about humans? Races of Destiny offers advice and ideas aplenty for bringing your human characters to life and making them more consistent in their mannerisms and beliefs. Don't let the nonhumans be the only characters with real character!

1. Illumians: They know the words of power. They cherish secrets as a dragon cherishes gold. Glowing sigils hover in the air around them. They are, in many ways, an eldritch language made flesh. Created by sorcery, this new race has developed a mystical connection to the magic of runes.

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