Happy Winter Holidays from Wizards!

As the 30th anniversary of D&D draws to a close, all the members of the Wizards of the Coast Roleplaying Game and Miniatures Research & Design Department and Roleplaying Game Brand Team wish everyone a happy and safe winter holiday season and new year. Each of them would like to share a personal wish with you

RPG and Miniatures Research & Design Department

Bill Slavicsek, director, roleplaying games and miniatures R&D: "I'd like to say happy holidays to my gaming group back in New York, and to the various members who have moved far and wide since our high school and college days."

"I want to take a moment to thanks my talented and amazing staff of game designers, developers, editors, art directors, and everyone else who help make our products and get them to the stores. Here's to a great 2004 and to an exciting new year!"

"I'd like to wish season's greetings to D&D players throughout the world. May all your attack rolls confirm as criticals and may all your items turn out to be magical! Happy Dungeons and Merry Dragons!"

Ed Stark, special projects manager for roleplaying games and miniatures: "Have a safe and happy holiday with friends and family. I hope you do what I'm planning to -- get together and do something fun. Play games, throw a party, or just hang out. Remember that being together is the best gift of all."

Design Team

Rich Baker, senior designer: "Merry Christmas, everyone! Slay some dragons for me this holiday season!"

Bruce Cordell, senior designer: "As Vaclav Havel says, 'Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out.' I hope everyone reading this has a restful holiday and a renewed sense of optimism in 2005."

Rob Heinsoo, designer: Rob had already left for the holidays and didn't have an opportunity to send a personal message. But as the terribly clever designer who makes the D&D minis so wonderful, we know that he wishes you all well. (And that he could get an attack of opportunity in on each and every one your miniatures in the next skirmish.)

Gwendolyn Kestrel, designer: "What a wonderful year! I began the year as an editor and now end it as a designer. Throughout the year, I worked on many products I loved, such as Monster Manual III, Planar Handbook, and the upcoming d20 Past. Most of all, I enjoyed editing and writing because I knew that people would be reading and using the cool game products to which I contributed. The year has been great because of you. Happy holidays! May 2005 be even better."

David Noonan, designer/developer: "I'd like to say Merry Christmas to everyone, especially those lucky enough to get a white Christmas this year. No, really, you are lucky. I miss snow. Really."

Christopher Perkins, design manager for RPGs and miniatures: "I'd like to say 'hi' to my long-lost gaming group in Ontario: James, Mike, and Paul. I'd also like to express my gratitude to the fans who support our products and provide critical feedback that we can use to improve our games. (And yes, we do read the message boards, even though the messages sometimes make us cry!) We have a ton of cool stuff planned for 2005, both for miniatures and for RPGs. Until then, have a safe and festive holiday. Remember: Christmas is a time for slaying dragons, plundering tombs, and gaining levels! So let's all grab our dice and have some fun."

Matt Sernett, designer: "Have a fun and roll high during the holidays!"

James Wyatt, designer: "Thanks for helping to make 2004 a great 30th anniversary year! Here's hoping 2005 is even better -- full of even more great gaming. Best wishes for all the blessings of the season!"

Editing Team

Michele Carter, senior editor: "I'd like to say 'hi' to my college gaming buddies: Kim, Gerald, Keith, David, Byron, Tiffany, Doug, Robert, Clay, the other Kim, and everyone else -- we had some amazing times! Happy holidays and critical hits to all, and to all a good game."

Jennifer Clarke-Wilkes, editor: "Have an ochre jelly Christmas/It's the best slime of the year!"

Michelle Lyons, assistant editor: "I'd like to wish everyone a great holiday season and great gaming in the new year!"

Kim Mohan, managing editor: "May all your saves succeed, and all your hits be crits! Have a happy holiday season, and keep on rollin'."

John Rateliff, editor: "Merry Christmas to all D&D and d20 Call of Cthulhu players and Tolkien fans out there. A special hello to Mark, to Matt O., and to the Monday Night Group in memory of many a night of good gaming in years gone by and to the Cthulhu group for much San loss. Time now to end the year in style, with one marathon gaming session, some solitaire gaming, much watching of Lord of the Rings movies, cat-sitting, seeing friends, and more reading and rereading of J. R. R. Tolkien than most folks would find credible. May your Sanity never run out, your saving throws come up natural 1s just often enough to amuse your friends, and your Yuletide be wholly to your liking."

Chris Thomasson, editor: "I'd like to wish happy holidays to all the folks who keep me employed: our fans. I'd also like to send some especially warm holiday cheer to my D&D group: James, Jeff, Mat, Melissa, and Rob. They'll need all the happy thoughts they can get given the wonderfully awful things I have planned for them in the new year. I hope everyone's holidays are safe and full of good things to eat."

Development Team

Jesse Decker, development manager: Jesse had already left for the holidays and didn't have an opportunity to send a personal message. We know that he wishes you all a glorious holiday. (And that he's tough, but fair, as a DM. Really.)

Andy Collins, developer: "May the holiday season bring you plenty of time to play games with family and friends. Oh, and peace and joy -- don't forget the peace and joy."

Michael Donais, developer: "I hope everyone spends their holiday time playing some great games."

Stephen Schubert, developer: "Be thankful for what you have, and work hard to achieve what you want. I'd like to wish everyone a happy holiday season, and that each new year is better than the one before."

Rob Watkins, developer: Rob had already left for the holidays and didn't have an opportunity to send a personal message. As the insightful developer he is, he undoubtedly would have wished you all a delightful holiday season and happy gaming. (And he would have found a much more fiendishly clever way to say it than that.)

Roleplaying Game (RPG) Brand Team

Charles Ryan, RPG brand manager: "As I look back on 2004 and the huge success that the 30th anniversary turned out to be, I'm reminded that D&D isn't so much a set of rules and books as it is a community of players. D&D lives because it is played and enjoyed."

"Thanks for giving it life! Here's to more life over the holidays (I'm looking forward to a couple all-day sessions!) and in the year to come!"

Andrew Smith, assistant RPG brand manager: "Wow, has 2004 been a great year for D&D! And 2005 is going to be even better. (Trust me, I've been sneaking a peek at the January releases.)"

"Special thanks to Josh and Randall for making our products look good and putting up with my last minute requests, my players for still letting me be DM after the roper incident, and all the players and DMs out there who helped us celebrate 30 years of adventure."

Kevin Wilson, associate RPG brand manager: "Happy holidays to you and yours. I have enjoyed every minute here and enjoyed even more the chance to meet all of you who play and make all our work worthwhile. Hooray for 2005!"

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