Something to Sing and Dance About
Ten Reasons for Players to Buy Complete Adventurer
by Skip Williams

Complete Adventurer is all about characters who rely on their skills, and its focus is on bards and rogues. It's a real treasure trove for players who like to sway the action with their wit and charm. Below are ten reasons why Complete Adventurer is a great resource for players.

10. Put Those Skill Ranks to Good Use: The skills section in this book offers big rewards for characters who have truly mastered their skills. A character who doesn't mind higher DCs for skill checks can complete tasks faster and with more panache than ever before.

9. Focus in with Feats: Complete Adventurer's extensive feats section offers plenty of options for sharpening and focusing your character's abilities. For example, the Extraordinary Spell Aim feat allows a spellcaster to shape an area spell so that its effects flow around a selected creature. Now your character can blast away with spells and not worry about harming an ally!

8. Expanded Multiclassing Options: Many of the new feats in Complete Adventurer help to make some often-overlooked multiclassing options more viable. For example, how about a singing paladin? The Devoted Performer feat lets a character stack paladin and bard levels together to determine damage for the smite evil ability as well as uses per day of bardic music.

7. Go for Some Prestige: If your character takes care of business in a special way, these new prestige classes are for you. For example, the daggerspell mage and daggerspell shaper combine arcane magic, dagger fighting, and wildshape. The bloodhound excels at tracking down elusive foes, and the ghost-faced killer can bring fear and silent death to his enemies.

6. Tools of the Trade: Need a little extra help in tough spots? The longspoon thieves' tools are just the ticket for rogues who don't want to get too close to their work, and a masterwork saddle is a must for any serious rider.

5. Alchemical Wonders: A wide array of handy materials awaits characters within these pages. Need to literally throw off the dogs? Try some catstink. In a tight spot? Freeglide provides the way out.

4. Go Exotic: Choose a new exotic weapon to suit your character's fighting style. For example, the quickblade rapier is just the thing for disarming foes, and the broadblade short sword is great for fighting defensively.

3. A Grab Bag of Magic: Complete Adventurer offers a veritable treasure trove of magical goodies. Consider the possibilities offered by the ring offilcher's friend, which can pull in lightweight, metal objects. Or put your character's ranks in Perform to work with magical instruments, such as the flute of the snake and the lute of the wandering minstrel.

2. Spells for Everyone: If you like to collect interesting spells, this book offers a great selection. In Complete Adventurer, you'll find new spells for every spellcasting class, including "secondary" spellcasters, such as rangers and assassins.

1. Three New Classes: The ninja, the scout, and the spellthief are new base classes. Be a ninja and kill from stealth with a slew of special abilities. The scout isn't about reconnaissance, it's about fighting while on the move and leaving only blood and questions behind. As a spellthief, you'll jump into a fight against a powerful wizard -- and steal his main weaponry.

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