Bards and Rogues Get Some Respect
Ten Reasons for DMs to Buy Complete Adventurer

Complete Adventurer is all about characters who rely on their skills, and its focus is on bards and rogues. The material in this book can add a lot of depth to your campaign, especially when you consider what goes on outside of the PCs' daily activities. Below are ten reasons why Complete Adventurer is a great resource for DMs.

10. Do It Better: You won't find new skills in this book, but you'll find many new ways for characters to get the job done better, faster, or with just a little twist. The skills section offers lots of ways that your chief villain can push the envelope. It's equally useful for setting limits when your players try to squeeze a little extra out of their characters.

9. Build a Better Monster: If you're creating an improved monster (by adding either Hit Dice or class levels, as described in the Monster Manual), you'll mostly likely need to give the creature a few new feats. The selection in this book works well for any monster that's high on skills -- particularly aberrations, dragons, fey, and outsiders. For example, Extraordinary Concentration allows a spellcaster to maintain concentration on a spell while doing something else -- just the thing for a dragon on the wing.

8. Get Organized:Complete Adventurer includes a dozen new organizations with which to bedevil or assist your PCs. In addition, characters who decide to join these organizations can receive assignments from them -- a great way to start off adventures. Whichever way you decide to use them, these organizations are great tools for keeping a campaign fresh and alive.

7. It's Their Turn: Three new classes, the ninja, scout, and spellthief, open the door for more NPCs you can use. The ninja strikes from the dark, the scout is gone before the player characters know what hit them, and the spellthief frustrates PCs who have become dependent on the artillery that spellcasters provide.

6. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere:Complete Adventurer is loaded with detailed NPCs just waiting to meet your PCs -- for a friendly chat, or perhaps in a dark alley somewhere.

5. Build a Better Mousetrap: Looking for an odd bit of nonmagical gear with which to surprise your players? This book presents new toolkits for specialized work and new implements, such as the listening cone. These items are great for giving the opposition an unexpected edge or for placating demanding players.

4. A Puff of Smoke: Does your favorite NPC need an ace in the hole? Try the alchemical capsule, a neat little device that can be hidden anywhere and used quickly. And if that's not enough, the rest of the new alchemical items in the book can help to complete any character's collection of gear.

3. Go Exotic: A wide array of exotic weaponry offers new options for both PCs and NPCs. Here you'll find the barbed dagger, which is deadly when concealed and used for a sudden attack, and the longstaff, which can sweep a combatant's flanks clear.

2. The Wizard's Shop: What game book would be complete without new magic items to keep the players guessing? In Complete Adventurer, you'll find the lethal deadly precision weapon quality, the unpredictable jumping caltrops, the handy spool of endless rope, and much more.

1. Arcane Lore:Complete Adventurer also offers plenty of new spells for skillful spellcasters, from the helpful absorb weapon spell to the efficient wraithstrike spell.

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