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The RPG Boards are now sponsoring monthly themes in order to get your creative wheels turning! January's boards theme is New Beginnings. Posters are encouraged to generate 1st-level monsters, nonplayer characters, adventure ideas, magic items, and so on in the appropriate RPG forums. If you have a suitable post, feel free to create a link to it on the January Theme thread under Boards Business.

Eberron Virtual Dungeon Delve

3 p.m. PT

Saturday, January 22, 2005

If you are coming up short on finding players for a local game group, get a taste of roleplaying in the new Eberron campaign setting. WizOs will lead you through an online dungeon crawl. The crawl lasts approximately 1.5 hours, and you can study up ahead of time on the pregenerated characters.

Join us in the "Wizards Presents..." chatroom. To play, register a screen name for the chat. (Message board names do not cross over.) Log in, and from the lobby, type "/go wizards" to get to the correct room.

Rules of the Game Chat with Skip Williams

5 p.m. PT

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Every week, veteran game designer Skip Williams answers your toughest game-related rules questions in his ongoing Rules of the Game article series. If Skip hasn't gotten to your specific situation yet, you have a chance to ask him personally in his monthly chat! He'll answer as many as he can in one hour. See you there!

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