When Old Is New Again
Ten Reasons for Players to Buy Lost Empires of Faerûn
by Robert Wiese

If your characters could tell you their fondest wishes, what would they ask for? And where would you go to fulfill their requests? Chances are, you could fill their entire shopping list from Lost Empires of Faerûn, the newest Forgotten Realms product. Below are ten reasons why Lost Empires of Faerûn is a great addition to any player's collection.

10. Extra Abilities: The fantastic feats in Lost Empires of Faerûn just go on and on. Some let your character learn extra languages; others grant spell-like abilities. And Channel Charge allows a spellcaster to use more than one charge at once from a wand. Who wouldn't want that?

9. Learn about Lost Lands:Lost Empires of Faerûn offers piles of information about lost lands -- and more importantly, new ruins that characters can loot. This book is a catalog of places that have treasure, and your party needs to get its share (that is, all of it). From Mulhorand and Imaskar in the east to the elven kingdoms of the Crown Wars era in the west, ruins all over Faerûn are just waiting for an experienced group to loot them.

8. Worms, Skulls, and More: Don't your characters get bored fighting the same old demons, devils, and undead all the time? Where's the glory in slaying yet another vampire? This book offers a host of new challenges, from older monsters newly updated for v.3.5 to brand-new ones, such as giant purple slugs (not purple worms) and the very cool flameskulls.

7. Magic Loot: Maybe you can talk your DM into putting some of the new magic items described in this book into your campaign. How about a fiendring, which allows the wearer to take the form of a fiend? Or perhaps a harness of armor, which gives all the benefits of armor without the weight and the armor check penalty? These items and many others await you.

6. Prestige from the Past: A number of new prestige classes in Lost Empires of Faerûn relate to ancient cultures or empires, but some of the people who practice them are still active today. And even if your character doesn't want to adopt one of these classes herself, she would certainly like to know what powers they grant, so that she and her compatriots can fight their adherents more effectively.

5. Worship Dead Gods:Lost Empires of Faerûn presents all the information your cleric needs to gain spells from dead deities such as Leira, Bhaal, Myrkul, Amaunator (the sun god of Netheril), and more. Furthermore, the book provides domains and portfolios for these deceased gods, plus instructions for those who want take action to bring them back to Faerûn.

4. Rev Up Spellcasting: This book offers some nifty new feats for spellcasters. For instance, how about Familiar Concentration? Imagine what your arcane spellcaster could accomplish if her toad familiar could concentrate to maintain spells while she blasts away with fireballs. And if she had Spell Reprieve and its related feats, she could specialize in a school of magic and cast prohibited spells anyway. And let's not forget Wounding Spell, which is great for dealing extra damage.

3. The Magic of Yore: The party's cleric, wizard, sorcerer, bard, and even paladin can benefit from the long-forgotten spells featured in Lost Empires of Faerûn. Check out ray of resurgence, which protects against that annoying (though useful) ray of enfeeblement spell. Backblast smacks foes that use fire spells, and crushing sphere offers lots of interesting offensive possibilities. Sakkratar's triple strike, which gives the recipient an extra attack and grants his weapons the keen and flaming burst qualities, is obviously a great boon for a fighter. But perhaps the best spell in this book is Srinshee's spell shift, which lets an arcane spellcaster take control of an enemy's spell and use it to the PCs' advantage.

2. Make Mythals: You know your party's home base really needs one of these for defense. This book tells you exactly what goes into a mythal and how to make one.

1. Find the Nether Scrolls: If your party doesn't want a mythal, then how about one of the Nether Scrolls -- those items that the Netherese wizards used to build a whole magical empire? This book tells you all about them, as well as a host of other ancient artifacts worth finding. Aw, come on -- they're artifacts! What could be more -- delicious?

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