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In March, the Forgotten Realms site returns to Undermountain! Matthew Sernett has buckled on his pen (mightier than the sword) to lead a charge into the biggest dungeon in Faerûn. Matthew, who until recently was editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine at Paizo Publishing, has returned to the Wizards fold as a designer in RPG R&D. He has a sweet spot for the Realms, and nostalgia for the biggest dungeon crawl in Faerûn -- Undermountain, the multilevel behemoth below Waterdeep.

In March, Matthew "re-"introduces Undermountain, presenting an overview of the huge complex, and then starts us off with (by month-end) two locations on the first level. Throughout the series we'll be mixing it up by revisiting old rooms that Matthew's reconcepted and balanced to the new rules and presenting areas that were shown on the map before -- but never described.

We've redone the first level poster map of Undermountain for you to use in this ongoing feature, and we'll be snipping out location areas and keying them for use in encounters as the series proceeds. (See the thumbnail for the new, more ink-friendly poster. You'll get a big one to download with the introduction article -- and permission to print it at your local copy shop.)

Don't worry if you never purchased The Ruins of Undermountain or any of its follow-on products. You won't need them to use this series (just the new 3rd edition and v.3.5 Forgotten Realms products), but if you have them, you might enjoy getting them off the shelf and seeing how some of your old favorite encounters fare.

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