The Meeting Place Grand Opening

The Meeting Place, the Wizards community's newest in-character roleplaying chat room offers a futuristic modern setting. It opens to the public Saturday March 26, 2005.

Humanity has made contact with extraterrestrials, or so the media proclaims. Rumors abound of mutants in the sewers and werewolves in Central Park. But let's keep our feet on the ground! Come celebrate the opening of the hottest place to be in the city that never sleeps in the year 2030. The Meeting Place -- or just TMP, to those in the know -- is a nightclub on the Upper East Side that survives amongst street gangs and urban legends.

You take the #6 subway uptown to 103rd and walk east one block. The Upper East isn't the most famous part of New York City for nightlife, but a crowd forming along the empty street sparks your curiosity. The sound of a solid backbeat draws attention onward. A short block south, nestled amongst businesses closed for the night, you come upon a dimly lit entrance tempting you toward an interior pulsing with light and sound fit to raise your heartbeat. The neon sign above you proclaims that you have found The Meeting Place.

A poster on the wall invites you in. Join the festivities and win some cash, find a dance partner or hang out at the bar. You're on the streets of the El Barrio suburb after all -- perhaps it's safer inside. . . .
If the zip code of your birthplace requires interplanetary directions, remember to keep your profile low so as not to draw the wrong attention. The laws protecting you from scientific research have not passed Congress yet, and some beings would not care if they had.

The Meeting Place Opening Night Events
Open Mike: 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. PST
A prize of $200 cash goes to the act with the greatest crowd support. Musos are invited to plug into the TMP sound system rather than supply their own amps. Preprogrammed electronic backing beats available. Leads and mikes provided, but B.Y.O guitar, and so on, if required. All activities and prizes are in-character only.

Cage Tournament: 10 p.m. - Midnight PST
The tournament will be held in the side alleyway beside TMP (Limbo). There are three competition brackets: men, women, and mixed. There's a $50 entrance fee, and $500 cash is the prize to the bracket champion. No weapons allowed. Participants will be required to sign a legal waiver before stepping into the cage. All activities, fees, and prizes are in-character only. See the ISRP Rules and Reference and ISRP General message board for details.

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