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Lords of Madness spotlights some of the D&D game's most interesting foes-the mighty aberrations. From the insidious mind flayers to the many-tentacled grells, these monsters add a sense of danger and an element of fear to any adventure. Every dungeon seems that much more formidable to your players when they sense the taint of lurking aberrations. So find out how to use these dreaded foes to draw your players even deeper into your world! Below are ten reasons to pick up Lords of Madness, no matter what kind of campaign you run.

10. Why They're Here: In addition to tons of useful advice for including aberrations in your campaign, Lords of Madness offers a discussion of possible origins for these terrible monstrosities. Just pick origins for a few of them, and you have the start of a compelling world history, complete with long-term plot threads. As an added plus, these origins can be adapted for dozens of other creatures as well, even if they're not aberrations.

9. The Deep Masters: The horrific monsters known as aboleths can add a lot to any campaign, but their remote realms and alien mindset sometimes make them difficult to work into a game. But with Lords of Madness, you can learn the ancient secrets of these masters of the deep and give your players a real scare.

8. Ready-Made Adventures: Ease of use is everything to a busy DM, and this massive tome delivers content that's ready for your game table tonight. Each of the major aberrations is featured in a short, ready-to-run adventure that's versatile enough to fit into any campaign world.

7. The Slave Takers: The vicious, spiderlike neogis are scavengers, raiders, and slavers, so they make great nemeses for a group of player characters. But the neogis also have a penchant for using mercantile activities to disguise their nefarious plots, and this factor alone makes for adventures that almost write themselves.

6. More Foes: The new monsters described in Lords of Madness are a DM's best friends. With several all-new aberrations, plus variants of the many favorites featured in other chapters, you can create interesting encounters at every level of play.

5. Grells: Until now, these eerie predators have been regarded as solitary hunters. But Lords of Madness offers new insights into how these creatures live. So turn the alien architecture of a grell colony into your next adventure site!

4. Ready-to-Use Organizations: When you pit your PCs against the deadly foes from Lords of Madness, they'll need somewhere to turn for information, weapons, and allies. This book provides four ready-made organizations, including the Circle of the True and the Topaz Order, that you can introduce as sources of aid and succor for PCs on the run from aberrations.

3. Beholder Magic: Don't let the awkward anatomy of the beholders fool you-the eye tyrants use warped magic to advance the ancient and deadly agenda of evil that they embrace. Lords of Madness offers campaign-changing insights into one of the D&D game's most recognized monsters and the magic it wields.

2. Tsochar: These terrifying new aberrations from a distant realm steal the bodies of their victims and use them to pass unnoticed in humanoid society. From their combat statistics to their dark and twisted history, Lords of Madness details every aspect of these deadly imposters for your campaign world.

1. They Know What You're Thinking: The illithids easily number among the D&D game's most intriguing foes. The insidious machinations of even a single mind flayer can spawn an adventure series at any level of play, and the breathtaking might of an elder brain can challenge even a high-level party. In fact, the mere thought of confronting illithids is generally enough to send a shudder through even the most experienced players. Lords of Madness presents plenty of exciting new information to keep your party's encounters with mind flayers interesting.

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