Eberron's Signature Races Revealed!
by Stephen Schubert

The Eberron Campaign Setting introduced four new PC races: changelings, kalashtar, shifters, and warforged. Now Races of Eberron offers additional details about these races and provides new character options for them, as well as for the core D&D races operating within the setting. In addition, you'll find plenty of new spells, equipment, and adventure ideas within these pages to add spice to your campaign. Below are ten great reasons to pick up Races of Eberron if you run an Eberron campaign.

10. Find Adventure:Races of Eberron is packed with adventure hooks based upon the four unique races from the Eberron Campaign Setting. In addition, the book provides detailed, ready-to-run encounters -- complete with full character statistics -- at nearly every encounter level. And tucked into every section of the book are adventure seeds just waiting to be expanded into encounters, adventures, or even entire campaigns.

9. Discover How Members of Each Race Think: Each of the four character races unique to Eberron has its own chapter devoted to the psychology and lifestyle of its members. What kinds of hobbies do warforged pursue? Can a changeling have an identity crisis? Does every kalashtar hear a little voice inside his head, and is it the same voice for all of them? Races of Eberron answers these questions and more, and even offers suggestions on how to apply those answers to roleplaying your character.

8. Explore Racial Societies: The new races have their own places within (or sometimes on the fringes of) the major population areas in the Eberron campaign world. Races of Eberron expands the information presented in the Eberron Campaign Setting about the history of each race, and it also discusses individuals and events that have not only made history but also helped shape the race's future. You'll also find a detailed discussion of how members of each race interact with established cultures and how each race incorporates the various classes into its own society.

7. Purchase New Equipment: From drow armor made of scorpion chitin to components that can be affixed to a warforged, Races of Eberron provides dozens of new items with which to equip your character.

6. Pick up Race-Specific Feats: Each of the four signature races benefits from feats designed especially for its members. For example, shifter characters can improve their shifting duration and number of shifts per day. A warforged wizard might forego his composite plating, while another warforged might choose feats that improve his natural attacks or even make him immune to nonlethal damage. A changeling can choose from feats that offer new options for use with her minor shape change abilities, and a kalashtar can select feats that make him a better soulknife.

5. Customize Characters: In addition to the new feats, Races of Eberron offers a number of racial substitution levels that allow characters of each race to amplify their strengths. Changeling rogues and wizards, kalashtar monks and soulknives, shifter druids and rangers, and the dreaded warforged artificer are but a few of the characters for which new options are available.

4. Explore Race-Specific Prestige Classes:Races of Eberron offers several prestige classes designed for the various races. The new prestige class format provides detailed organizations for members of these classes as well as explanations of how they can be integrated into your campaign world.

3. Learn How the Other Races Fit into the World: Since each of the four signature races presented in this book constitutes no more than a significant minority within the greater world of Eberron, an entire chapter is devoted to the "other" races, such as dwarves, humans, elves, and halflings. These more numerous races have wide variations within Eberron -- a Valenar elf is not the same as an Aerenal elf, and not all halflings are of the dino-riding Talenta variety. In addition, Races of Eberron provides detailed discussions of drow, Inspired, goblinoids, orcs, and members of other villainous races that have helped to shape the face of present-day Eberron.

2. Delve into Eberron:Races of Eberron is an excellent resource for DMs and players who want to know more about the history and current state of Khorvaire. Mystery and danger lurk around every corner in the world of Eberron, and new facets of that world are revealed with every turn of the page.

1. Appreciate Fine Art:Races of Eberron contains some of the best art yet produced for the setting. No Eberron book would be complete without a full-color, two-page spread of heroes in action by Wayne Reynolds. In this case, the widescreen image of the cover heroes showcases all the new races of Eberron and even provides a look at this setting's take on the drow.

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