Evil Realms!
10 Reasons to Buy Champions of Ruin
by Stephen Schubert

For years, the question of how to run an evil campaign has bedeviled DMs everywhere. Now, at last, the new Forgotten Realms Champions of Ruin sourcebook provides some answers. Within its pages you'll find motivations for evil PCs and plenty of advice for integrating them into a Forgotten Realms campaign as anti-heroes. Below are ten reasons to pick up Champions of Ruin and add some extra evil to your campaign.

10. Design the Perfect Villain: Why should players have all the fun? With the resources in Champions of Ruin, you can create a truly diabolical villain on a par with Fzoul Chembryl or Artemis Entreri. Lords of Darkness provided information on the various nefarious associations operating in Faerûn, and now Champions of Ruin gives you the tools to flesh out those organizations with memorable NPCs.

9. Vile Magic:Champions of Ruin presents a variety of spells and items that represent the darker side of magic in Faerûn. You can use the three dozen new spells to flesh out your villains, or even to tempt PCs to the dark side.

8. Evil Groups: Any adventuring group -- good or evil -- is bound to run afoul of political groups and other such entities eventually. Champions of Ruin provides details on people the PCs may have crossed, and the power that such a group's leaders can bring to bear when they decide to retaliate.

7. Evil Locations:Champions of Ruin presents several detailed location descriptions, plus suggested encounters for each. Such a location can easily become the focus of a good-aligned group's quest to defeat an ancient evil, or a group of evil PCs might seek it out in hopes of gaining greater power -- or even to undermine the influence of certain rivals.

6. What Evil Lurks: Driz'zt, Elminster, the Simbul, and other powerful forces of good walk the length and breadth of Faerûn, but equally powerful manifestations of evil oppose their efforts at every turn. With the background material in this book, you can bring the demon lord Eltab, the legendary lich Aumvor the Undying, and the fallen angel Malkizid into play in your campaign. These embodiments of evil and others like them can become patrons or rivals for an evil group of PCs, or they can serve as challenges for high-level good-aligned characters to overcome. And if your PCs start to get out of line, just put Kezef the Chaos Hound on their trail.

5. Evil to Defeat, or to Serve: Champions of Ruin details a number of new villains who can serve as enemies, allies, masters, or servants for your PCs. The options range from the obviously evil Elf-Eater to the Sharran enforcer Damian Krale and the draegloth cavelord Leargath, who functions as an alternative Underdark ranger. Each of these NPCs comes with a full background, motivations, and a complete statistics block.

4. Running an Evil Organization:Champions of Ruin provides details about a number of Faerûn's most nefarious groups, including the Zhentarim and the Cult of the Dragon. Not only are the general structure and motivations of these organizations detailed, but helpful tips are provided on how to craft your campaign around each one. For example, each entry describes the sort of adventures that members of the group might undertake and details how its members might try to recruit PCs.

3. Evil Play: An evil campaign lets you and your players take an entirely different approach to the D&D game experience. Within these pages, you'll find advice on running an evil game, insights into why players want to play evil PCs, and the sorts of goals and agendas that such PCs might espouse.

2. Evil with Prestige: Several of the prestige classes presented in Champions of Ruin -- such as shade hunters, black blood cultists, and night mask deathbringers -- can function as perfect recurring adversaries for any campaign, or even serve as mentors for evil PCs seeking ways to enhance their own power.

1. Realms of Evil: All the new people, places, and rules within this book are laced with the unforgettable flavor of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. While this book is invaluable to any DM just for the advice it provides on running an evil game, a DM who runs a Forgotten Realms campaign can also gain lots of information with which to flesh out his campaign.

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