Wizards of the Coast Products Nominated for Origins Awards!

Nominations have been announced for the 31st Annual Origins Awards. Who will take home the coveted "Callies" this year? Winners will be announced at the Origins International Game Expo 2005, held this year from June 30th to July 3rd in Columbus, Ohio. The following Wizards of the Coast products have received nominations:

Best Historical Board Game or Expansion
- Axis & Allies D-Day

Best Board Game or Expansion
- Betrayal at House on the Hill

Best Collectable Card Game or Expansion
- Duel Masters Trading Card Game

Best Roleplaying Game
- Dungeons & Dragons Basic Game

Best Roleplaying Game Supplement
- Eberron Campaign Setting
- Unearthed Arcana

Best Fiction Publication
- Secret of the Spirit Keeper
- The Rite

Best Nonfiction Publication
- Dragon Magazine
- Dungeon Magazine

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