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Haven’t picked up this month's Dungeon Magazine? Here's a listing of what you can expect to find in the July issue – including the third part of the “Shards of Eberron” Campaign Arc.

The Three Faces of Evil
by Mike Mearls
Clues discovered in Diamond Lake lead to the Black Cathedral, a forlorn chamber hidden below a local mine. There they battle the machinations of the Ebon Triad, a cult dedicated to three vile gods. What does the ebon Triad know about the Age of Worms, and why are they so desperate to get it started? A D&D adventure for 1st-level characters.

Pit of the Fire Lord
by Andy Collins and James Wyatt
A madman hidden deep below Sharn plans to tear open a portal to the Sea of Fire. Can a band of heroes reach him in time to save the city from conflagration? “Pit of the Fire Lord” is part three of the three-part “Shards of Eberron” Campaign Arc. An Eberron adventure for 6th-level characters.

Seekers of the Silver Forge
by Tim Hitchcock
Strange things have long plagued fisherman’s nets—but none so strange as rotting fish that twitch and gasp for days after being taken from the water, or a gilled githyanki’s severed head found in a shark’s belly. Do these briny omens lend credence to rumors of a sunken githyanki city caught in a necromantic civil war? Find out in this D&D adventure for 15th-level characters.

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