D&D Thieves Strike!

All that glitters isn’t gold – at least, that's not what local thieves were after when they broke into the car of Jessica Blair, Manager of Direct Sales & Merchant Relations for Wizards of the Coast.

At 4 a.m. this past Friday morning, Jessica heard the sound of a car alarm going off, and quickly realized it was her own. Thieves had struck outside her home, smashing open the back window of her car. They left the stereo and everything else of value, only taking her D&D books and minis – unfortunately, which were being used in her husband's Eberron campaign.

After learning of the theft, the D&D Brand Team replaced her missing books. It seems everyone involved appreciated the loss; the best part, Jessica said, may have been the police officer who responded. When he learned what had been taken, his reaction was: "Wow – I remember playing D&D in high school!"

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