Midsummer Madness
A Plea for Help from Baldur’s Gate
Aelbert the Wise

Calling adventurers from every corner of the Western Heartlands! Never has our need been greater or our situation more dire. The Midsummer Celebrations in Baldur’s Gate have met a grave fate. No revelry fills the streets, no bards sing, no maidens dance. Mugs of cider remain untouched in the taverns, and the maypole lies dormant in the main square.

It is as if a fierce typhoon has come and wrecked its dark havoc upon the townsfolk. But this is no typhoon of natural making – it is the work of malicious minds. The Cult of the Dragon has unleashed great jeopardy upon Baldur’s Gate. They speak of opening a hidden portal and beginning a Great War between the gods.

For months, I had heard such rumors, but foolishly paid them no heed. Tell me, adventurer, how could I have been so blind? How could I have underestimated the Cult’s determination to submit us all to the power of the Dracolich? They will never rest until the remaining pantheons are extinct and the Dracolich reign as the supreme deity.

Still, gods are difficult to challenge and even harder to destroy. Such a task is beyond even the darkest dreams of Sammaster the Mad himself. Yet, to turn the gods against one another, to inflict another Great War upon the Realms, that is an endeavor well within the reach of a mind such as his. To use the gods’ own might as your sword, to watch in glee as the Faerûnian pantheon battles the Mulhorandi pantheon, god felling god....

You see why such a fate must be averted.

But, I warn you, adventurer – the quest is fraught with danger. Here are a few of the challenges you will face:

  • Prevail in battle against 19 varieties of fearsome and dangerous creatures, from the imposing Golem to the maleficent Lich.
  • Traverse through an interactive isometric world filled with vast dungeons and treacherous forests.
  • Choose wisely from four races and five different classes to create your PC. Distribute Ability Points that directly change key character attributes and impact gameplay.
  • Discover treasures, collect loot, and buy and sell your inventory.
  • Prove your valor by completing a series of 17 unique quests and sub-quests on seven richly detailed levels as you battle to save Faerûn from an evil scheme.
  • Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 rules apply.

Woe to Faerûn if no adventurer is brave enough to thwart the Cult and their blasted undead wyrms. Our hero will need to use all their skills and wit in such a quest. You seem to have a stout heart and a strong mind... are you the brave adventurer we seek?

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Good luck, adventurer. May the blessings of Oghma be with you in all your travels.

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