Oceans of Adventure
10 Reasons Why DMs Want to Get Stormwrack
by Jesse Decker

Untold horrors lurk in the ocean depths, and unfathomed treasures lie far below the waves. Stormwrack provides all you need to stage and run great seafaring journeys, daring coastal raids, or even adventures deep beneath the ocean's surface. But even if your campaign takes place in a land-locked portion of the Underdark, you'll wish you had Stormwrack when your characters try to cross that harmless-looking river! Below are ten reasons to pick up Stormwrack and add some "depth" to your campaign.

10. More Design Tools: Designing good encounter after good encounter is hard work. You want to deliver a memorable night of play for each game session, but let's face it -- monsters in a room just don't cut it all the time. Stormwrack, like Frostburn and Sandstorm before it, is loaded with new terrain types that you can literally use in any dungeon, whether it sits at the bottom of the ocean or deep beneath a desert.

9. Ships Aplenty: A book about the dangers hidden beneath the water has to provide new ways for PCs to explore watery terrain. This book comes through with statistics -- and even deck plans -- for plenty of ships.

8. Faced-Paced Combat: Stormwrack presents a new system for quick, narrative naval combat. Maneuver your vessel carefully and gain the advantage in ship-to-ship bombardment with catapult or cannon, according to your campaign's technology level. Then control initiative as the crews swarm over the decks to join melee!

7. It's More Than Just Water: This book doesn't make PCs get in the water. The combat-affecting rules and terrain presented in its pages run the gamut from ice floes to tidal marshes to supernatural dangers such as the black tide and the mighty maelstrom.

6. Undersea Cultures: The new races in this book aren't just for the players. Whether your PCs travel to the depths of the sea or meet emissaries from the deep, the races presented here make great NPCs that can really help flesh out your campaign world. An encounter with one of these characters demonstrates clearly to your players that your world is full of mysteries they haven't yet discovered.

5. It's Always a Surprise: No other single terrain feature compares to water as far as its ability to surprise players. Whether it comes in the form of a still pool in a dungeon room or the rolling waves of the open sea, water is a great place to hide monsters. What better way to start an encounter than to have a monster burst out from beneath the water's surface and launch an attack at an unsuspecting party?

4. Prepare to Repel Boarders: Even if a shipboard campaign isn't for you, you'll want to check out the options in Stormwrack for fighting on the shifting decks and weblike rigging of a great ship. A combat environment like no other, the mighty sailing ship is good for a single night's play or a campaign's worth of adventure.

3. Waterborne Magic: Magic -- in many ways the lifeblood of the fantasy genre -- is present in every aspect of Stormwrack. Use the spells, items, and magic terrain it provides to bring the mysteries of the deep home to your players.

2. Monsters of the Deep: The monsters in Stormwrack are among the greatest treats it offers. These new threats, with their ability to surprise and challenge PCs both in and out of the water, are definitely among the highlights of this book.

1. Easy-to-Use Adventure Locales: Think your campaign isn't about water? Think Stormwrack doesn't have any useful information for you? Think again! The final chapter might just be the easiest one to use. With more than half a dozen ready-to-use adventure locales, you're sure to find an adventure that's all but ready for your next session. Planning an adventure in a new environment usually means more work for you, but Stormwrack has done the work for you. Best of all, these adventures allow you to bring the new monsters and mechanics in Stormwrack to your PCs, wherever they're currently adventuring.

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