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Interested in what's taking place at this year's Gen Con? Can't make it there yourself? No worries! Several reporters, chosen from the Wizards of the Coast online community, have gladly agreed to supply their insights and words, blogging each day on the D&D message boards. To read their daily Gen Con blogs, visit them here.

Now to meet these reporters:

Steve Townshend (Drammattex) is a Chicago-based actor/writer who has worked professionally in regional theatres across North America, including American Players Theatre and the Utah Shakespearean Festival. You may also have spotted him as “the Gollum Guy” in AMC’s Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Tuesday trailer in 2004. Steve has been published in Dragon Magazine and Polyhedron, and will be appearing in The Second City: Unhinged series throughout the month of August. First D&D Character: Luke Skywalker, 1982, age 7.

Zherog goes by the name John Ling in the real worldTM. He's married for almost 12 years, and has two young children (Megan and Daniel). He's played D&D since 1980 or so, and latched onto the 3.x system since it was first released. John occasionally does freelance writing for Dragon Magazine.

Brad Lund has somehow managed to multi-class as a 6th level Attorney/20th level Writer/25th Level Gamer. This is his second time at GenCon and he returns armed with tickets to RPGA events and TrueDungeon. Feel free to direct any GenCon curiosities directly to him at

Jeff DeArruda has been a gamer for some 18 of his 29 years. Has dabbled in poetry and fantasy/fiction writing, but it's keeping the campaign going that has forced him to keep creative. When not engaged in the business of gaming Jeff works at a printing plant. Jeff lives in the original single guy's messy apartment with his slightly gross cat.

Count Arioch
Count Arioch the 28th (Ian Klahn to the mundanes) lives in Virginia with his wife and their four cats. He has played D&D since the early 90’s, and has been taking over games since nearly day one. He has no writing experience, but lack of experience has yet to stop him from doing anything he felt like doing.

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