The High Seas Beckon
10 Reasons Why Your Character Wants You to Get Stormwrack
by Jesse Decker

Great adventures often require great journeys. If your DM has crafted an epic story that involves sailing the great oceans of his world, Stormwrack is a no-brainer. But even if you’re exploring the heights of Sharn in Eberron, daring the vaulted recesses of the High Forest in the Forgotten Realms, or exploring the underdark in your DM’s homebrew world, your character whats you to get a copy of this book. Keep reading to discover the top ten reasons your character wants you to get Stormwrack.

10. Here, There Be Pirates: Okay, it’d be number one if it weren’t for the overdone accents. It might not be right for your campaign, heck, it might send your DM screaming out of the room, but you must always keep this in the back of your head: if you got a boat, you could become a pirate.

9. Knight of the Pearl: No adventurer fares worse under the surface of the waves than the heavily armored warrior who must close with his foes to do damage. Characters interested in slugging it out beneath the waves have an answer in the Knights of the Pearl. This new prestige class and organization is just what the heavily armored warrior is looking for.

8. The Perils of the Depths: For those adventurers of a more serious bent, the dangers of the open waves couldn’t be more intriguing. The smallest rivulet can conceal great danger, and water, whether takes the form of an ancient lake deep in the underdark or a tropical gulf housing a long-forgotten temple, could be the greatest challenge your characters have ever faced.

7. Races of the Seas: Sea-dwelling races of diverse origin make for exciting new character options. Build new characters (or recruit new allies) from the likes of the aventi, the aquatic elves, the sea-faring hazaru, and others.

6. Buy a Boat: Expanding the list of ships available in the DMG, Stormwrack provides ways for characters of any level to take to the water. Whether you prey on your enemy’s vessels, set out for distant ports with missions of peace or war, or simply cast your lot to the wind and explore unknown waters, you’ll find the right vessel waiting.

5. Cannons: Gunpowder might not be the thing for your campaign world, and Stormwrack won’t take that choice away from you, but whether the powder and explosives comes sources magic or mundane, there’s no more satisfying answer to a giant tentacle rising out of the deep than a well-placed cannon shot.

4. Stormcaster: What arcane spellcaster hasn’t dreamed of controlling the wild power of wind and thunder? A new prestige class bristling with wild might, the stormcaster is the perfect option for arcane spellcasters looking for a different, and world-shaking, source of power.

3. Travel the World: Merchants, princes, and adventurers risk the sea for just one reason—it’s the fastest and cheapest way to cross large portions of the map. Your characters aren’t the kind to stay near to home; with Stormwrack you’ll have the knowledge and rules that you need to find adventure anywhere in the campaign world.

2. Skills You Need: Brimming with new character options, the Skills and Feats chapter of Stormwrack doesn’t limit its usefulness to shipboard struggles. If there’s water in the dungeon, even a harmless looking pool in the back of that little cave, you’ll want to know what you can do when you find danger in, or out of, the water.

1. Magic: Magic, in many ways the lifeblood of the fantasy genre, is part of every aspect of Stormwrack. Master the destructive wave and wind or drown your foes with an epic deluge of water with the new spells and items found here.

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