Guess the Dice Contest Results

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Our congratulations to the winner of the official D&D Game Tote in our Guess the Dice competition. The actual number of dice? 2612. Bokrug guessed closest without going over, with 2601. (John Mott guessed closest overall, though did go over, with 2613.) Our thanks to everyone who wagered their guess!

Heading off to your next gaming session? How will you get there along with your much-needed books, your dice and all your favorite minis? Thankfully, preparing for such an expedition just became that much easier with the official D&D Game Tote!

  • Holds at least 5 core rulebooks
  • Plastic compartmentalized box for holding miniatures
  • Zippered insert pouch
  • Pen/Pencil slots
  • Map pouch
  • Water bottle pouch

Of course, having seen the tote ourselves, we wanted to put its true carrying capacity to the test. We filled one with as many 20-sided dice that we could beg, borrow and steal (apologies to all our fellow coworkers wondering where all their missing dice went) – and as it turned out, the game tote can hold a lot more of them than we thought!

Now here's your chance to win a D&D Game Tote of your own. There's just one catch: you'll have to come closest to guessing how many 20-sided dice we loaded into ours. Guess well, and the game tote could be yours!

Make your guess on the following message board thread (one guess per person) from now until August 18th – coincidentally, the start of this year's Gen Con festivities, where a limited number of game totes will be for sale.

Also, read official rules for the contest here.

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