This Month's Dragon Magazine

What can you look forward to in this month's Dragon Magazine? Here's a listing of what you'll find in issue #337 – including including the secrets of Zuggtmoy, released from the Temple of Elemental Evil!

Demonomicon of Iggwilv: Zuggtmoy
by James Jacobs
Released from the dungeons of the Temple of Elemental Evil, Zuggtmoy dreams of spreading her fungoid presence across the planes. Learn the terrible secrets of the demon lady of slimes and fungi.

Lords of Dust
by Keith Baker
Scheming through the centuries, these rakshasas and even greater fiends seek to free their masters bound deep below the surface of Eberron. Get drawn into their world-spanning web of lies and plots.

Monsters of the Mind
byKevin Baase, Eric Jansing, and Oliver Frank
Five horrible monsters that prey on your thoughts. Revisit old classics like the ustilagor and explore new horrors like the brainstealer dragon.

The Ecology of the Shadar-Kai, Class Acts, Bazaar of the Bizarre, First Watch, Scale Mail, Sage Advice, Wormfood, and comics.

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