D&D Demos

Interested to learn a new game? Or know an aspiring player looking to learn Dungeons & Dragons, D&D Minis, or Three-Dragon Ante? The following venues will be offering game demonstrations, through December.

Date Location City State Game
7-Dec-05 Game Zone Marquette MI D&D Minis
16-Dec-05 Paradox Playground Games Campbell CA D&D Minis
17-Dec-05 Wizards Wall Melbourne FL D&D Minis
17-Dec-05 Valley Collectibles Simi Valley CA D&D Minis
18-Dec-05 WarSmiths Spokane WA D&D Minis
21-Dec-05 Browser Games Center Houston TX D&D Minis
28-Dec-05 Moonlite Comics Frankfort Kentucky D&D Minis
3-Dec-05 Gamer’s Haven Coeur d’Alene ID D&D RPG Eberron
3-Dec-05 Action Cards & Comics Great Falls MT D&D RPG Eberron
17-Dec-05 The Days of Knights Newark DE D&D RPG Eberron
18-Dec-05 Lionheart Games & Comics LaVerne CA D&D RPG Eberron
23-Dec-05 Browser Games Center Houston TX D&D RPG Eberron
14-Jan-06 Wizards Wall Melbourne FL D&D RPG Eberron
10-Dec-05 Reader Copies Anderson IN Three Dragon Ante
10-Dec-05 Days of Knights Newark DE Three Dragon Ante
17-Dec-05 Active Imagination Albuquerque NM Three Dragon Ante
17-Dec-05 Phantom of the Attic Oakland PA Three Dragon Ante
20-Dec-05 Between Books Claymont DE Three Dragon Ante
21-Dec-05 Great Escape Games Sacramento CA Three Dragon Ante
22-Dec-05 Wizards Wall Melbourne FL Three Dragon Ante
31-Dec-05 Merlyn’s Comics and Games Spokane WA Three Dragon Ante
7-Jan-06 Distraction Games Stillwater OK Three Dragon Ante
8-Jan-06 Dream Wizards Rockville MD Three Dragon Ante
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