Spot the Differences Winner

Our congratulations to Gabriel Eggers for winning our Spot the Differences contest -- and our thanks to everyone participating. What were the differences? From right to left:

  1. Warforged's eyes changed color (where once they were red, now they are dull...)
  2. Missing gnoll (vanished behind a cloud, perhaps)
  3. Added beltpouch to warforged
  4. Crystal staff changed color (blue to purple)
  5. Added dragon/explosion (counts as one -- as per the hint we gave!)
  6. Arrow changed to... chicken leg (you crazy artists)
  7. Added ring to sky-cab
  8. Book changed (from red to PHB!)
  9. Added arrow to cabin roof
  10. Axe changed to double-sided
  11. Scabbard colors changed from blue and red, to red
  12. Added tower to skyline (it is the City of Towers, after all)
  13. Added spectator to balcony

Our final winner will be notified, and announced in the days ahead.

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