D&D Minis New Starter Set

This spring, orcs, sorcerers, halflings and the like can discover an all-new D&D Miniatures Starter Set from Wizards of the Coast. This latest starter set has been modified to introduce those unfamiliar with D&D or miniatures gaming to basic skirmish concepts in a simple, fun way. Key changes to the upcoming set include: a new “Start Here” rulebook that takes a step-by-step approach to terms, battle tactics, and other game elements; two fixed miniatures figures (Wood Elf Ranger and Orc Mauler) in every set; and two full-color, double-sided maps to provide challenge and adventure.

“The new starter set is merely the first release in an exciting year that we’re calling the ‘Year of Dragons,’ said Liz Schuh, Brand Director for Dungeons & Dragons. “The D&D Minis portfolio will grow throughout the year, highlighted by Icons, a series featuring the special limited-edition Gargantuan Black Dragon and the highly anticipated Colossal Red Dragon. Both sculpts are firsts of their kind in D&D!”

The D&D Miniatures game remains focused on skirmish-style tactical gaming, allowing players to engage in winner-take-all battles against the nastiest and most frightening monsters imaginable. With the new starter set, the rules have been updated to allow for faster gameplay and encourage larger, more challenging encounters. Rules have also been adjusted to accommodate any size figure, from tiny to huge – and beyond! As with previous D&D Minis releases, figures in this set have been selected from key D&D roleplaying titles such as Monster Manual, Monster Manual III, Miniatures Handbook, and the Eberron and Forgotten Realms campaigns.

D&D Miniatures will also unveil a variety of incredible new expansions throughout the “Year of Dragons.” Beginning this spring, keep a look out for following:

War Drums Booster Packs
(Suggested Retail Price: $12.99; Availability: Spring 2006)
The War Drums expansion introduces miniatures set against the backdrop of war! The expansion includes impressively detailed figures such as the expansion’s namesake, Wardrummer, strapped with a large tom-tom to lead his orc brethren into battle; the six-armed Aspect of Hextor as featured in the Deities and Demigods supplement; and a classic three-headed, winged Chimera. Each Booster Pack contains eight (8) randomized miniatures, stat cards for each figure and a War Drums set checklist.

D&D Icons: Gargantuan Black Dragon
(Suggested Retail Price: $24.99; Availability: Summer 2006)
The D&D Icons collection debuts with the ferocious Gargantuan Black Dragon, a special limited-edition item that will capture the eye of miniatures players and collectors alike. Standing an impressive 10 inches (on a 4”x4” base), the Black Dragon is the first “Gargantuan”-size figure introduced by D&D. Each Gargantuan Black Dragon product includes a double-sided stat card, full-color map and a playable game scenario. All D&D Icons products are playable in both the D&D Miniatures game and any D&D roleplaying campaign.

D&D Icons: Colossal Red Dragon
(Suggested Retail Price: $74.99; Availability: Fall 2006)
The first “Colossal”-size figure from the D&D Miniatures portfolio emerges from the mists for the D&D Icons collection this fall. The incredibly detailed, 12-inch tall (on a 8”x8” base), special limited-edition miniature is accompanied by an oversize stat card detailing the wrath this beast will inflict on anyone or anything in its path! Each Colossal Red Dragon product also includes a full-color map and playable game encounter. All D&D Icons products are playable in both the D&D Miniatures game and any D&D roleplaying campaign.

D&D War of the Dragon Queen Huge Pack
(Suggested Retail Price: $19.99, Availability: Summer 2006)
Long anticipated by fans, War of the Dragon Queen is the second D&D Miniatures set to feature Huge figures from the D&D realm, with 12 Huge figures in this 60-figure set (set is offered in 8-figure booster packs, with figures randomized and featuring varying degrees of rarity to enhance collectability). The set also includes an elite selection of characters that are accompanied by a second, epic-level stat card, allowing players to assemble higher-value armies with which to battle.

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