D&D T-shirts

What better way to showcase your favorite game than with one of these new T-shirts, available from the folks at J!NX:

He's amazing! He's dazzling! He's from the Underdark! See the latest sensation, Drizzt, the Drow from Below, with his panther pet, Guenhwyvar. They're performing for your enjoyment at the d20 Casino! Your eyes will Twinkle as his scimitars weave in wondrous ways. Don't miss it!
The good people at D&D have always been dragon fanboys (and girls), so much so that they named their game after them. This design heralds D&D's new material for 2006, including lots of dragon-related goodness.
Traveling bards rarely sing songs about charismatic half-orcs, but what they lack in good looks, they more than make up for in their ability to terrify children. We salute those of you that choose the half-orc race in D&D, or even those of you that resemble a half-orc in real life. I mean, c'mon, how is Charisma gonna help you swing your warhammer faster and harder?!
D&D has been around for more than 30 years for a reason. There is nothing quite like the feeling of rolling a 20 when you need it, leveling a character that has narrowly avoided death several times, and finding that killer weapon that makes you unstoppable. If you've never played, your inner geek is suffering more than you could possibly know...
How many times has your DM been on your bad side? With so much power, why is it that so many DM's find themselves actually trying to kill your party off? We know we have been there, and sometimes the Dungeon Master needs to pay. We recommend slow, subtle torture, such as insisting on taking that left turn in the adventure that you know he has not written yet.
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