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What can you look forward to in the next Dragon Magazine? Here's a listing of what you'll find in issue #343 – including the return of the Creature Catalog!

Creature Catalog V
by Wolfgang Baur, Sean K Reynolds...
The Creature Catalog returns with 12 new monsters. From classic creatures like the norker to new terrors such as the hex dragon, these critters are hungry for the taste of adventurers.

by Richard Lee Byers
A new Forgotten Realms story about betrayal, trust, and hunting dragons.

Take Cover
by Hal Maclean
Rumbling up from below and swooping down from the skies, monsters have always had the edge when it comes to mobility, but not anymore. Learn the tricks to turn the edge against them.

The Ecology of the Ettercap, Spells of Kyuss, Class Acts, First Watch, Sage Advice, Scale Mail, Wormfood, comics, and more!

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