D&D Chess Set

Coming this fall, the D&D Chess Set features the mighty dragons of D&D legend and lore, poised in their eternal struggle for power and dominion. This time, we chose to preview the white side, for those of you favoring the game’s metallic dragons.

  • White King: Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. The king of the good, metallic dragons, Bahamut seeks to protect the world from the tyranny of evil dragons. Bahamut resides on the plane of Celestia.
  • White Queen: Gold Dragon. Graceful, sinuous, and wise, gold dragons hate injustice and seek out quests to promote the ideals of goodness. Gold dragons prefer secluded lairs at the bottom of lakes, atop high plateaus, or in other hard-to-reach locations.
  • White Bishops: Copper Dragons. Good-natured pranksters fond of riddles and jokes, copper dragons enjoy hunting evil creatures. Copper dragons make lairs in narrow caves which they shape into intricate labyrinths.
  • White Knights: Bronze Dragons. Inquisitive dragons fascinated with warfare, bronze dragons readily take up any just cause. Bronze dragons build lairs near water, using underground caves that are partially flooded.
  • White Rooks: Silver Dragons. Regal and proud, silver dragons enjoy working with other good-aligned dragons to banish aggressive dragons and evil monsters. Silver dragons lair in secluded mountain peaks and among the clouds.
  • White Pawns: Brass Dragons. Talkative and gregarious, brass dragons maintain networks of confidantes and informants to keep abreast of local events. Brass dragons lair in high, rocky caves that face the rising sun.
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